What if Kili and Tauriel… D&D 5e Dwelves

When I was watching the Hobbit trilogy, I found it hard to miss that a little romance was added between Tauriel, captain of the guard of the Kingdom of Mirkwood (formally Greenwood) and Thorin’s nephew Kili. While the character of Tauriel was added to the story by Peter Jackson (along with 2 extra movies), enraging many, many book purists – it did add a strong female hero into this male dominated story. As the trilogy and romance progressed, I found that I was enjoying any dialog and character development against the backdrop of huge, long CGI action sequences. However, this article isn’t a critique of the Hobbit movies (why split a small book into 3 movies!), this is about something far more important… character building options for D&D.

I had a thought, if Kili and Tauriel had a kid (if even possible), what kind of stats would their child have when he or she grew up?