Volo’s Guide to Monsters Review

Last week, Wizards of the Coast released their latest D&D 5th edition fall supplement book, Volo’s Guide to Monsters. I’ve had a week with the book to read it over and even try out some monsters and extended lore in game. Volo’s Guide provides monster lore, new character races and a bestiary with nearly 100 monsters. Read on for my in depth look at this book to find out if it is a must buy for you and your gaming group.

Fey Enchanters and Their Lairs

Two weeks ago in this series on the fey, I shot the moon for the Challenge Rating with the Eldest. This time I’m dialing it back a bit, and looking at the velvet glove of the Feywild: fey enchanters. They are courtiers, spies, diplomats, and weavers of magic – in short, they are the balance to the fey knights. The fey have a reputation for deceptive dealing without outright lying, and for their gifts of misdirection, and fey enchanters are one of the main sources of that ill repute. From another perspective, I hadn’t built any primary spellcasters or anything with lair effects, so I wanted to try it out.

Fey Huntsmen and Leashed Terrors

A few weeks ago, I wrote about fey knights and the general dearth of worthy fey opponents in the 5e Monster Manual. This week, I present the fey huntsmen that lead the Wild Hunt and their beasts, the leashed terrors. If you need a foundation in the mythology of the Wild Hunt, Wikipedia is here for you. I’m going beyond the core of that myth to propose game-able goals for the Wild Hunt and Archfey that might control them. Because of the themes of fear and death, I’m mostly associating the Wild Hunt with the Unseelie or Winter Court, but in other settings I’ve seen it presented as something closer to an independent force of nature, separate from the Courts.

A Lich for Every Class: The Paths to Transcendence

This is Part 1 of a Multipart Series | Part 2

Inspired by this post on the fabulous Goblin Punch blog about an immortal, evil, ‘lichlike’ path available for fighters, I’ve been thinking about Liches and the ‘other class’ equivalents to such things. I’ve always liked the idea that as an adventurer gains levels they slowly lose/supersede their humanity (elevanity? tieflinganity? you know what I mean). I’ve also always thought that liches slowly replace their essential humanity with a certain expression of magic, and that this is baked into the progression of certain wizards.

Most undeath is totally unrelated to class (zombiehood, ghostdom, vampirism, or ghoulification) but for liches it is the development of arcane magic that provides the path (and it might be why certain individuals choose the study wizardry in the first place). Moving forward, assuming that each class represents an equivalently valid ‘path to power’ what would each class giving up their humanity to increase/merge with their chosen power path look like?

Lord of the Deep: Dire Stomatopods for 5th edition

Life has been crazy over the past two weeks around the Howard household, so please excuse any delays in posting. I’ll be returning to the Enemies & Encounters series next week because I want to give it the time and detail it deserves. Until then, please enjoy one of my favorite real-world marine creatures monsterized for 5th edition. This one’s specifically for DM Mitch at the Dungeon Masters’ Block. Enjoy!

System Agnostic: The City of Salt in Wounds [Pt 3]

New Website for Salt in Wounds!

The 13 Meridian Houses

When the Tarrasque was first subdued, thirteen ‘immovable’ harpoons were sunk deep into it’s body, each with a long, thick chain running to a traditional iron anchor sunk magically into stones or later concrete. As the founders built the fortress SalzinWuun they appointed 13 guardians amongst their most popular and well considered number; each guardian was personally responsible for ensuring that the harpoon in their charge held fast and to make arrangements to deal with unforeseen changes.

In the last hundred years, the status of these guardians has changed. Their descendants are now referred to as Binder-Lords, each still responsible for ensuring that their harpoon remains… read more here!

[Art by VergasMike]