Numenera Goes “Into the Deep”

It’s rare that an aquatic supplement for an established game blows me away, especially when it’s still being written! There is a long list of reasons to love the team at Monte Cook Games, but my Top 2 are 1) they are a kind and generous group of people, and 2) they make incredible products.

I love the Cypher System. It’s a fast and relatively easy game to teach, focusing as much on narrative storytelling as mechanics. Numenera and The Strange are both written with a sense of familiarity to their settings while embracing bizarre twists that allow you to tweak your players’ expectations. It’s an easy system to sell to players because Monte Cook, Shanna Germain, Bruce Cordell, and the team at MCG know how to create fun themes and unique mechanics. So when you tell me they’re doing a supplement entirely devoted to gaming deep beneath the seas, you better believe I’m going to tell everyone about it.

Pre-Order the Cypher System Rulebook

The Cypher System Rulebook is available for pre-order from DriveThruRpg, check out the press release:

What will your next Cypher System campaign be?


A Cypher System campaign of Victorian horror? High fantasy? Espionage? Galaxy-spanning space opera? With the Cypher System Rulebook, running any of those is as easy as running or playing The Strange or Numenera . Take the Cypher System to the limits of your imagination with this hefty rulebook that extends the system to fantasy, science-fiction, horror, modern-day, and superhero settings—or any setting you can imagine!

The Cypher System Rulebook is available for pre-order today! It adapts the Cypher System—the critically acclaimed, award-winning rules set that drives Numenera and The Strange—to an unlimited range of campaigns and genres, giving you the complete rules set (along with dozens of optional and genre-specific rules) and hundreds of character options, creatures, cyphers, and other resources. It’s everything you need to play virtually any game using the Cypher System rules.