Oceans, The Final Frontier: Aquatic Inspiration for Science Fiction, Part 1

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about aquatic settings and creatures for fantasy and want to turn the focus on other genres for a bit. Though fantasy roleplaying is by far the most popular genre in the world, aquatic settings can be used in modern, science fiction, science fantasy, space opera, horror, alt history, name your favorite genre and as long as oceans exist, an underwater adventure is waiting.

Since the start of the 21st Century, I’ve come across numerous articles, photos, forum posts, and websites offering glimpses into actual or imagined futures. From the Blue Planet RPG Yahoo Group, to Facebook and other social media, it’s relatively easy these days to see cool new images to inspire your imagination. But rarely is it collected in one place. In the Final Frontier series, you will find a wide range of links and images, including RPG supplements, videos, articles on marine science, maps, real-world builds and concept sketches for sea-worthy vehicles, buildings, research stations, and even cities. Anything and everything I can find that has inspired me in my science fiction games will end up here.

So sit back and enjoy a glimpse into our own planet’s Final Frontier.