Get to Know the Azer

One of my favorite creatures of all time is the azer. Even though they have been around since 1983, I have never played in a game in which azers have featured, nor have I heard of games friends and acquaintances run that feature them. This is a shame, because azers are incredibly interesting, and are a great alternative to traditional elemental representation. Even better, the lore is easy to insert into a variety of situations and games. If you are looking for something underrepresented to feature in a game, then look no further than the azer.

5 Ways to Use the Planes as Plot Devices & Settings

The planes are the fundamental dimensions that make up the multiverse in which a typical D&D setting takes place. The planes (typically) describe the creation of the universe, the existence of an afterlife and the breeding ground for half the monsters in the manual. It may be that you don’t want these questions answered already in your setting. It is entirely possible to have your planes be either nonexistent or undiscovered. Today, we are going to put planes in the Eye of the Beholder, and look at when they are appropriate to use as plot devices and settings in a campaign.