Overwatch as a Tabletop RPG Campaign Setting

In May 2016, Blizzard launched Overwatch, a game where players clash with colorful heroes on battlefields around the globe in the near future. Last time on the Campaign Trail, I looked at the Chrono Rogue, inspired by the video game Overwatch. This week, I’m returning to my campaign setting series, looking at the world of the video game Overwatch. The developers of Overwatch have provided details of the world and its characters with bios, webcomics, tweets, blog posts, animated shorts and more, but they haven’t provided all the details. All of this provides an excellent base for a setting that let’s the gamemaster and players extend with their own details.

Ideas for a Post Apocalyptic Campaign in a Fantasy Setting

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m back looking at campaign settings that go beyond the typical fantasy world. Past articles in this series have provided notes on running a campaign (or adventure) in a setting such as prehistoric/lost world, steampunk, fairy tales and more. Mad Max, The Hunger Games, 28 Days, Snowpiercer, The Walking Dead and countless others provide us with tons of ideas for post apocalyptic settings, but they are missing one ingredient… magic.