Get to Know the Crossroads

After a diversion into some discussion of Nemesis, I return this week to encourage people to get to know things. In the name of this spooky season, I am continuing with demons, devils, ghoulies, ghosties, goblins, and so forth. Ok, so I covered a type of devil and scarecrows thus far for the month and that’s it. Whatever, let’s not make a big deal about it. Rather than discuss a particular creature, I wanted to instead talk about the folklore of the crossroads, and the supernatural beings that are said to patronize them. Don’t worry, there will be some discussion of D&D critters, though maybe not the ones you think. If you’ve missed the rest of the series so far, you can catch up with it here.

Organized Faiths and Silent Gods: Redesigning Religion in Forgotten Realms

This week we have a guest post from Nitai Poddar that looks at religion in the Forgotten Realms and offers a variation where faiths coalesced and organized into a system of religions, each with its own dogma, values and philosophy.

Forgotten Realms is the original homebrew setting, a patchwork quilt of concepts and ideas sewn together over decades. Its heterogeneous, mismatched appearance is part of its style. The deities of Forgotten Realms developed over time, with new authors and new editions introducing new Gods to an ever-diversifying pantheon.