Roll20 to offer Official WotC D&D Content

I just saw the news on Polygon that Roll20 is offering D&D content as explained by Greg Tito. “We’re always looking to broaden access to Dungeons & Dragons, and Roll20 already plays a significant part of that expansion,” said Greg Tito, communications manager at Wizards of the Coast. “We are excited to see what the future brings.”

This is very exciting news since I’ve always used Roll20, and I am the D&D Adventurers League Local Coordinator for Roll20.

Dungeons & Dragons Dominates?

Roll20 recently did a survey of over 600,000 users, and found out a lot of interesting statistical data of what games are being run. It gives a telling story about all the games being run, and it also seems to contradict the ICv2 surveys that have been conducted.  Thos ICv2 surveys have been showing Pathfinder continuing to rise, and Dungeons & Dragons fall year after year.  But the recent Roll20 survey makes that notion very questionable,