The Sha’ir Class, Part Two

I was overturned last week on my plan not to write a second post about the Sha’ir. I could have resisted writing about the 3.5 Sha’ir, by Dean Poisso in Dragon Magazine Issue 315; the 4e Sha’ir from Heroes of the Elemental Chaos was quite another matter. I am the humble servant of my tyrannical gentle readers, after all. Let’s do this.

(Part One)


The Sha’ir, Part One and Only

The Paladin, at last, is put to bed, and I can start on the Warlock. Except that there was no official warlock class in OD&D, 1e, or 2e, so I’ll be starting with its appearance in Complete Arcane, in 3.5e. Well, sort of… because 2e has this class, found in Al-Qadim, called the sha’ir. Sha’ir are based on the poets of pre-Islamic Arabia, who were believed to have mystical powers. In Al-Qadim, they derive their powers from their connection with a gen, and have unique means of summoning and interacting with janni and genies. In this way they are both a convenient single-article class, and a good lead-in to the warlock. This too is an arcane(ish) caster class dependent on a capricious entity.