Home is Where the Heart of the Campaign Is

This week on the Campaign Trail we look at creating headquarters with your players.

Most Tabletop RPG (TRPG) involve a fellowship of heroes who wander the land righting wrongs and fighting evil. These characters often have elaborate backstories about the people and places they care about. Good adventures can pull these backstories into the foreground, but without a shared backstory – the other players will have to wait for their turn to shine. If a locale is not tied to any player’s backstory, it can make it even harder for players to really care about that place.

For your next campaign, try giving your players a shared place they can all call home. Rather than having your PCs wander from town to town as adventurer hobos, provide them with their own base of operations. Home can be a manor they cleared of goblins, an inn they purchased, a spooky wizard’s tower, a keep at the edge of civilization or old shack owned by a PCs parents. Wherever they call home, as long as it is a place they want to call their own, you are doing it right.