D&D Monstrous Manual for 5th edition – Part 1

The D&D 5th edition monster manual has a ton of monsters to choose from, and they can be easily tweaked/adapted to different scenarios using the dungeon master’s guide. That is usually what I do. I take a strange creature, change a few things, add some crazy hair, and poof, the new Donald Groblesmaker Trump┬ámonster is born. As I have read during the creation of the D&D 5th edition monster manual, they went through all the previous editions and created a list of all the monsters, and then had to pick the ones to include in 5th edition, while others were not. I thought it would be cool to go through my old AD&D 2nd Monstrous Manual and bring some of those creatures to life for you to use in your campaign. So here goes…

UPDATED: D&D to Release Two Storylines a Year Through 2018

Since I wrote this article in November 2014 quite a few things have changed, so I thought it was time to update the original article.

  • In a recent interview, Jeremy Crawford commented that the official setting of the D&D tabletop RPG “is the multiverse, which includes all D&D worlds.
  • On Twitter, Chris Perkins revealed he has something in the works for 2016, which just might be a new setting based on his own world called Valoreign.
  • Errata documents will be released this spring.
  • It is likely that the Warforged race (from Eberron) and Kender race (from Dragonlance) will be covered in an upcoming article on the Dungeon & Dragons site. Comments by Mike Mearls have pretty much confirmed this, with Warforged “up first”.
  • Previously, Mike Mearls let us know that they are ” looking at two storylines a year” and have “plans laid down for stories up through 2018.