Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 6

I started to put together some Star Frontier monsters that can be used for a D&D 5th edition – Star Frontiers Campaign. I stated first with a creature that you should find interesting.  It is really big and scary, 65 feet long, and is able to hide and sneak attack the player characters.  It was the Slither, so I tweaked it a bit, but kept the same flavor. I first started by using the Purple Worm layout, but soon found ideas from several other monsters in the Monster Manual.  I stayed focused on the origional listing of Slither’s abilities: 1. surprise, 2. chemical burn touch, 3. tentacle attack, 4. a bite attack, 5. tentacle grapple. and 6. multi-creature attack, and added some legendary actions to the creature.

Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 5

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I have continued to work on combining the Star Frontiers D&D 5e Conversion articles during the winter break. Previously there was some criticism for the D&D 5th edition conversion not being true to the original Star Frontiers.  I did take a lot of liberties with the races and their special abilities, and I did use information from several sources. So, while I worked on updates to my previous articles, I have had some time to reflect, tweak some things, and make corrections.

Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 3

So now you should have some mission idea in mind, and how to bring your D&D campaign into a Star Frontiers setting, or vice versa.  If you don’t know yet, maybe the party ends up finding a strange marooned space ship out in the middle of nowhere, that might be the start of a great adventure. Especially if the bad guys show up, and start trouble.   Or maybe, they get inside the ship and it takes off, and transports them to another world in the Frontier Sector.  

Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 2

So here is the continuation of my Star Frontiers conversion using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth edition core rules.  I’ve been tweaking things, and pulled the equipment side out of the character creation.  I created the Astronaut class, and changed the races features a bit from some great responses I received.  So I am breaking this up a bit, and I hope you like what I am working on, and since I made Psionics a character overlay that can go with anything, Psionics can easily be added to the Star Frontiers world. I’m going to start working on vehicles and robots, and will update these pages as I hear back from all you cool people.  Please let me know if I goofed somewhere, or if I could make it better.

Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Okay.  There are three role playing games that I liked back in the ’80s from TSR: Dungeons & Dragons, Star Frontiers and Top Secret. With the new release of D&D 5th edition, I am excited. I’ve been playing for months now.  And now I am reflecting on what else could I do with these awesome rules.  Hmmmm… oh yeah, remember I said I liked those three role playing games. Top Secret shouldn’t be too hard, just add guns.  Star Frontiers.  Yeah! That sounds crazy cool!

There will probably be rules in the DMG for something like this. Conversion and creating and what-not.  But that so far away, and as a bonus, when the DMG is released, I can see how bad I did. Plus, since these races will be D&D 5e compatible, you could place them into your existing D&D campaign.  Alien marooned on a world full of magic… 🙂