The Art of the Apocalypse – 5 Ways to Destroy Your Roleplaying World

One of my guilty pleasures is a love for the end of the world movies/television shows. I’m not sure why these have always fascinated me but I suppose they are a grim reminder that this world we’ve built is always just a few events away from total chaos.

Updated: Star Wars Tabletop RPGs – Past & Present

I’m sure lots of our readers have played or are currently playing a Star Wars tabletop RPG. For everyone else, I thought I’d write up a primer on the excellent Star Wars RPG options that are out there. Tabletop roleplaying games set in the Star Wars universe have a pretty long history starting back in 1987 and continuing into the present day. West End Games, Wizards of the Coast and Final Flight Games have all provided excellent rules and sourcebooks and all three of these games are still played by fans.

Star Wars Jedi – D&D 5e Homebrew

Last year I put together a Rules as Written (RAW) character build that could be used for D&D 5th edition to play a Jedi. After putting it together, there were a lot of great comments and critiques, and one that stuck with me was I didn’t have any of the specific Force powers. I had mainly focused on fighting with a lightsaber, and using the monk’s Ki powers to simulate use of jedi powers. But nothing screamed out JEDI!

Since this week is pretty special with the release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens, I want to keep what I did with the lightsaber with some tweaks, but now I want to create a pure Monk archetype for the Lightside, and hopefully later use that to create a template for a Darkside archetype later. Sound cool? I think so, and here is the Path of the Jedi D&D 5th edition Monk Archetype Homebrew that I put together.

Novel Inspiration: Kaminoans for 5th edition

The kaminoan species in the Star Wars universe played an integral role in the fall of the Galactic Republic and rise of the Empire. The victims of a near-genocidal flood after their planet’s most-recent Ice Age, the kaminoans turned to highly selective and brutally efficient breeding and genetic manipulation to survive. The long-term results of such environmental pressures were perfectionism, isolationism, and a lack of empathy for species that don’t strive for perfection.

Novel Inspiration: Chagrians for 5th edition

Chagrians are a Star Wars species seen in many of the films and Expanded Universe media, most notably as the assistant to the Emperor, and it’s one I only recently discovered has an aquatic origin. Though there are scores of aquatic sentient species listed in the Wookieepedia, not all of them add something new to a campaign. The chagrians provide an intriguing mix of physical strength, intelligence, and higher education you don’t see in many other races.

Novel Inspiration: Nautolans for 5th edition

Nautolans are a highly adaptable amphibious humanoid species canon to the Star Wars Universe, the most famous being Jedi Master Kit Fisto.

Nautolans make an excellent species template for any aquatic scifi species or fantasy race. Their comfort both above and below water makes them ideal for mixed-surface-aquatic parties of adventurers, allowing them the flexibility to travel from the depths of the ocean to the middle of the desert without suffering stresses worse than an average human in non-aquatic environments. Their hardy physique combined with their natural insight into the emotions and behavior of living creatures make them both capable warriors and shrewd diplomats.

The Undine, ERRT Transport

Last week I presented a campaign outline to take your D&D PCs from 1st-15th level. This week I’d planned to present enemies for use against parties of 16th-20th level, followed by a second aquatic campaign outline next week. Well, the list of enemies for the highest tier of play is so short that I decided to combine the two posts into one which will both be presented next week!

This week, I wanted to share with you a new project I’ve been working on. I’ve recently become a huge fan of the One Shot: Campaign podcast and Fantasy Flight Games  narrative dice system used for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny RPGs. At GenCon this year I’ll be running my first game using this system. The party is an independent Emergency Rescue and Reconnaissance Team (ERRT) that uses a specially modified Paragon Class transport ship as a base of operations. Think Firefly, if the group had a more focused (and less criminal) profession.

Star Wars Day: Chewbacca

Glory Glory! Have you seen all the great Star Wars fan work!  It is amazing to see all the art, costumes, and creativity of SW Fans.

So today, I have to put “forth” my handiwork for Star Wars Day. Previously, I wrote an article on Jedi, but here is the character that I like the best, Chewbacca! Plus I’ve met Peter Mayhew, and he’s a very cool mellow dude.

A Closer Look at the Cartography of Christopher West

“Chris West loves gaming and expresses that love with an artist’s eye. Luckily for gamers, he shares that eye with the rest of us.”

Back in the olden days of roleplaying, maps were crude scribblings on graph paper, dictated to the players by the Dungeon Master. Mapping caverns by hand gave you a feeling of exploration; you used your imagination to fill in the details of the surroundings that the DM described. Unfortunately, not everyone at the table imagined those details the same way.

Arguments were common about who was where, what was in the room and how close that ogre was to the brazier full of hot coals. Savvy DMs and players slipped around the arguments and kept the game moving, but it was always the most frustrating part of a session. There are times that I miss those days, mostly for the nostalgia of making due with what we had. Well, the day has finally come where we don’t have to make due. We have Christopher West.