Survivalist Gaming – The End of the World

This is the way the world ends, the world ends, the world ends. This is the way the world ends not with a bang but a whimper.
T.S. Elliott – The Hollow Men

‘When the sh*t hits the fan’ or ‘The End of the World as We Know It’ (TEOTWAWKI for short, or at least shorter) are phrases that get bandied about a lot in survivalist circles; they’re catch alls for the type of scenarios survivalists envision themselves handling. Every prepper has their favored (or perhaps most feared) version of the apocalypse and in this week’s survivalist gaming column, I want to talk about ‘The End of the World’ and how to incorporate or use it in gaming.

The most important question to ask when anyone talks about the ‘end of the world’ is – the end of the world for who?