Miniatures – Kids Building Characters with LEGO, Imaginext and More

SHAWN: James Walls has written a guest post about the kinds of miniatures he uses while gaming with the kids. Check out his mini bio at the bottom too. There is a gallery at the bottom that I added a couple of my own LEGO shots too.

When Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition crashed onto the gaming scene in the summer of 2000, I, like many other AD&D 2nd Edition players, was at a severe disadvantage.  After years of playing a game well-suited for “theater of the mind” style combat, D&D 3E’s rules were geared towards miniatures play, and my collection at the time was quite meager.  All I had was a dozen Ral Partha pewters (mostly dwarves), a half-painted Mordheim collection (mostly Skaven), and the Hero Quest board game.

Maybe it was just the groups I played with, but I received a fair share of complaints from my players for this puny collection.  “Green orcs?  Again?” was a common moan at my table.  When Wizards of the Coast finally released pre-painted plastic miniatures I spent at least two-hundred dollars snatching up randomly assorted boxes for both Dungeons & Dragons and Star Wars.  Eventually I drifted away from my miniatures collection when I switched from Dungeons & Dragons to Savage Worlds.  Indeed my D&D figures didn’t fit the steampunk campaign I was running, but more importantly I had shifted to becoming an online gamer.  Maptool worked just fine for most of my games and I thought I was completely finished with miniatures in role-playing games.

Until I turned my kids into gamers!