Tribality Publishing – Genies


Tribality Publishing has recently released a new publication on DriveThruRPG. This is the eighth product we’ve released: Genies, written by Colin McLaughlin. GENIES offers new options for genies and those that seek to serve or master them. Inside you will find what you need to challenge players with genies, and reward them for their victories or service.

Tribality Celebrates its One Year Anniversary

Yes, Today is the one year anniversary of when we started Tribality. So today is’s “birthday!” Happy Birthday Website!!!

It has been a lot of hard work, but there have been a lot of benefits. We have a lot of great authors sharing the experience with me, and building the website with great articles: Shawn Ellsworth, A. A. Amirault, Brandes Stoddard, Rich Howard, J. M. Perkins, and Ben Latham. There have also been a lot of guest authors that have sent us stories to publish: Dale Meier, Mark Cookman, Aaron der Schaedel, Jessica Celeste Deuel, Bobby Evans, James Walls and Matthew Leopin. I also have to give a thanks to all the readers and other bloggers that have helped us. Thank you all!

Here are some stats about the first year…