Tips for Ending Your Tabletop RPG Campaign

This week on the Campaign Trail, we look at ‘Tips for Ending Your Tabletop RPG Campaign‘. After 56 session, 16 months and 17 levels, my players finally arrived at the final temple to face off against the Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG). Whether they win or lose, my homebrew Vodari campaign is heading to what I hope is an epic showdown.

Having a long campaign reach a climactic finale is an accomplishment for everyone around the table and should be celebrating in and out of game. Instead of just handing out some treasure like you did at the end of each adventure, close out a longer campaign in style. If your think of your adventure arcs as a collection of TV episodes, you should end your campaign with a big finale.

This article will provide you with some ideas for celebrating victory, agonizing over defeat and setting up a hiatus from the campaign world.