Creating an Archipelago World

It’s been a crazy week and I’m only about 50% done my the second entry in the Adventure Building series. I thought this guest post by Ben Latham would be an excellent replacement for me this week and my series will resume next week. – Shawn

In this article, I will reference a great deal of other content available for free at Tribality. There will be links included below, in the description, for anything that I reference.

It is no secret that the readers of Tribality enjoy aquatic campaigns and pirates, ships and their captains, and all the other paraphernalia of the high seas. I too enjoy that exact same style of adventure, so when I started my most recent campaign, I decided to set it in an archipelago world, which is to say, a world made of islands. Browsing Tribality, you should be able to find plenty of articles to get you ready and hyped for an aquatic campaign, full of ideas of adventure, dangerous sea monsters, and more pirates than you can shake a stick at. In addition, I would highly recommend the nautical minded GM to listen to the Dungeon Master’s Block episodes 19 and 26, where you can find an in-depth discussion by Tribality authors of aquatic campaigns and pirate campaigns, respectively. However, these tools are even better when set in a world designed to get the most out of them, so in this article I am going to attempt to lay out how to design an archipelago world in which your aquatic campaigns are destined to take place.