Werewolf – Howl at the Moon!

Someone sent this awesome Werewolf Player Character build to me, and I’d like to share. I made some major tweaks, and this is for those DM’s that have player characters that would like to play a more realistic Werewolf, have shown an interest in Werewolves, or you just want to surprise them with something new.

A Werewolf is a humanoid that is cursed with chaotic nature magic to transform into a giant, wolf-like creature during the full moon. The most common way to become a Werewolf is to be bitten, or scratched. Some part of the Werewolf’s claws or saliva must make contact with a target’s bloodstream to spread the curse. As such, creatures without blood (e.g. Warforged) are immune. Other races too far removed from mammalian predators are also immune for unknown reasons. This includes the races of Dragonborn, Thri-kreen, Shardmind, and Tiefling (the Tiefling’s blood is already considered cursed, which prevents it becoming double-cursed).