Fifth Edition’s Content Strategy

In various communities around the internet, I’ve seen a lot of people complain about WotC’s glacially slow publication schedule for 5e, often suggesting that they do not understand why WotC is making these choices. I don’t have any insider knowledge, but I pay attention to what people like Mike Mearls, Monte Cook, and Ryan Dancey have said, and I’ve watched the successes and failures of other content models.

If it helps my credibility, I did successfully predict the DM’s Guild back in 2012. Considering that RPGNow got its start in 2001, this wasn’t exactly a revolutionary idea! It was just the right combination of WotC and OneBookShelf getting paid. I’ll come back to this.

WotC D&D Alumni – The Return of Elemental Evil

Article by Shannon Appelcline 06/19/2015

Elemental Evil makes a big return this year, building on its long history as part of the Dungeons & Dragons game.

Appearing in the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure and a new Temple of Elemental Evil board game (not to mention our most recent walkthrough map), Elemental Evil is the heart of D&D’s newest storyline. Its origins go back to some of the earliest D&D lore—most of it focusing on a ruined temple and a small village that had the misfortune to lie near it…

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Rodney Thompson is Leaving Wizards of the Coast

Rodney Thompson is moving on to another Adventure, and leaving Wizards of the Coast on Friday. Rodney has a long list of accomplishments while with Wizards of the Coast, with notable credits as game designer of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars Saga Edition and the Lords of Waterdeep board game. We wish him the best wherever he goes.

You can find him on twitter: @antarianranger

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