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Performance Check

Level-Banding in D&D 5e

A look at mixed-level parties and the importance of breakpoints in D&D 5e.
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Tribality Publishing – Through Their Own Eyes

We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the twelfth product we have released: Through Their ...
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Interesting types of pollution Part 1

Pollution is a real world occurrence that has serious consequences, both in terms of exposure to it, but ...
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The Monk Class, Part Five

We come now to the monk of Fourth Edition D&D, which as I have been hinting for a ...
Performance Check

Breezango and Playing Comic NPCs Correctly

A look at the WWE tag-team of Breezango, and how to leverage them in your table-top games.
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The Cold Gate Clan

(Author’s note: I know I promised more on pollution next time, but was wanting to give the topic ...
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Murder Hobos – Good or Bad?

What happens if you find yourself in a gaming group that is just full of Murder Hobos? I ...
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The Monk Class, Part Four

After a hiatus of more than two months, welcome back to the History of the Monk Class. Last ...
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Using Pollution in Your Game

“Pollution?” I can hear you asking “why should a real life trouble like that be an interesting hazard ...
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D&D 5e – Using More Passive Checks

Lately, I have been focusing my campaign on using more passive perception and passive investigation so there aren’t ...