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Creating a Pandemic for Your Game

With the COVID-19 pandemic continually in the news, I thought that it would be appropriate for us to look at how a worldwide pandemic might look like in a fantasy setting. Let’s define a pandemic as per Wikipedia: A pandemic ...
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Wrangler – Fighter Martial Archetype D&D 5e

This week on the campaign trail I present a new fighter archetype that would fit well in a wild west flavored D&D fantasy adventure or any campaign where mounted combat or overland travel is a focus. Design Notes I thought ...
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Level Design Tips to improve your Games!, Part 3

Thumbnail art by Raphael Lacoste Here comes the last part of this series. As you may know, besides writing for Tribality I do really enjoy Game Designing and learning about it. In the past few months, I discovered a real ...
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Exploring the Outlander Background

The outlander background in 5e fills the role of the person who lived outside of civilization, who have been to the very extremes of the world and seen wonders that no city dweller could dream of. This archetype has room ...
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New Player Character Race: “Dog”

Author’s note: This is a stab at making a tongue-in-cheek character race, but also trying to look at things realistically. New Playable Character Race: Dog Size: Tiny to medium 6” – 44” Speed: 20 – 50 ft, Dependent on breed. ...
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Exploring the Noble Background

In a standard Dungeons and Dragons world, society is stratified by class that is largely determined by blood. In medieval Europe, the nobility was a very tiny portion of the population, and they generally owned the lands that were worked ...
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What Game Designers Can Learn from MMORPG Animes

There are quite a few VMMORPG (Virtual Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) animes out there. Each one of the games has its premise, world, and situations. A few notable examples are: SAO (Sword Art Online) In the year 2022, virtual ...
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Unearthed Arcana 2020: Spells and Magic Tattoos

A new UA drops while I’m furiously writing my Wildemount review? I picked the wrong day to quit taking horse tranquilizers, y’all. This document holds 11 new spells and 11 new magic tattoos. Let’s hit it.
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Tips to survive the COVID-19 with TTRPGs

Thumbnail art shared by user Syluxrox in Reddit With all the negative things going on right now around the world, one needs time to relax a bit and transport to a different world. Life can be difficult, and your daily ...
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Exploring the Hermit Background

With some irony as we all become hermits of a sort, we will be looking at the hermit background this week. Hermits offer an opportunity to craft a very compelling personal quest – something that is so important to your ...