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5th edition Alchemists (Artificer, Metamorph, Poisoner)

[The Alchemist originally appeared at, and has been updated here to include new playtest information. Five (5) additional alchemical traditions will be posting here in Rich’s Gameroom over the next few months.] About the Alchemist The alchemist for 5th ...
Survivalist Gaming

Survivalist Gaming: What is Survivalist Gaming?

My name is John, I write as J.M. Perkins, and I spent a lot of my childhood preparing for the end of the world and how our family was going to survive it. (My parents were evangelical post-tribulation biblical literalists ...
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Aquatic Allies: Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk Lizardfolk are typically seen as primitive humanoids with minimal intellect and a brutal, highly territorial culture. Though that is true in many villages, lizardfolk honor intuition and wisdom in a way most civilized cultures cannot understand. Lizardfolk adventurers are ...
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The Bard Class, Part Two

This time out, I’ll be writing about the Bard of AD&D, Second Edition. The bard of OD&D started as a magical and thiefly dabbler, loremaster, and diplomat, and grew into a quite potent magic-user. The 1e bard is an end goal ...
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System Agnostic: Grokking Orcs

Hi, I’m John and I write as J.M. Perkins. Every Tuesday in my column ‘System Agnostic’ I’ll be bringing you a setting, game concept, or toy you can play with no matter what game system you prefer. My first post ...
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Kai Monks of Sommerlund for 5th edition

The Kai Monks of Sommerlund The Kai monks of Sommerlund first appeared in the Lone Wolf Choose Your Own Adventure game book, “Flight from the Dark” by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk, published in 1984. Until that time, Choose Your ...
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Aquatic Allies: Selkie for 5th edition

Like elves, the origins of the selkie race lay in the Feywild. A type of shapeshifter, a selkie’s normal form is that of a unique seal species who can shed their skin to become a full-figured human touched by fey ...
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Aquatic Allies: Merfolk for 5th edition

The human equivalent under the seas, merfolk are far more than a single race. This highly adaptable race varies in size, coloration, features, culture, and religion across the world.
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Naval Combat Rules for D&D 5th Edition – Part 3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Sea Chases & Complications The Seas of Vodari – 5th Edition Swashbuckling & Sorcery Everything you need to run exciting seafaring campaigns full of swashbuckling action and magical ...
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The Bard Class, Part One

For my introductory post here at Tribality, I’d like to talk about the history of the bard class, from its origins in The Strategic Review (Vol 2, Number 1), down to its 5th Edition incarnation. Buckle in, folks, it’s going ...