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Gary Gygax Day – 2016

Over the many years of being a fan of D&D, I never got the chance to meet Gary. I bought all the books, and I have some collectables that he signed, but I never met him. Today would be Gary’s ...
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Rules Answers July 2016 – Jeremy Crawford

There is a new article on D&D Wizard’s of the Coast website by Jeremy Crawford. He has complied a listing of Twitter questions and his answers. As always, these are his rulings, and the DM at your table can play ...
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Unearthed Arcana – June 2016 – FEATS!

This month, Mike Mearls is giving us some play testing, design notes and instruction for designing your own 5th edition feats. There are 5 pages of notes on feats and it’s nice to see the thoughts behind the game design ...
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Origins Game Fair 2016

It’s almost June, and I am back from vacationing. A lot of exciting things are happening in June, and one of those is the upcoming Origins Game Fair*. I will be traveling a few hours up to Columbus, and spending ...
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D&D 5th Edition – Gambler Prestige Class

I am working on a Gambler option for my Wild West campaign, and I started with an idea for a Rogue archetype, but then I worked toward a Prestige Class. That way it could be an option for any class ...
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The Shaman Class for D&D 5th Edition

The Shaman Class is available on DrivethruRPG and it has been updated.
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The Shaman Class for D&D 5th Edition Preview

Ever since I put together a Western themed D&D game, I’ve been focused mainly on the guns of the Wild West. Movies have inspired me like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Lone Ranger, Once Upon a Time in ...
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Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? (They still make them.) You had a list of options, and they indicated a page number, then you flipped through to that page number after making a choice. By making choices, ...
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D&D Adventurers League – Playing on

I was speaking with a friend that recently moved, and he now doesn’t have a way to play in the new city. I suggested using online methods to play like Roll20, but he said it wasn’t easy to find a ...
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Death House – Free Adventure for Ravenloft (D&D 5e)

Foreword | Table of Contents | Gothic Trinkets | Death House Adventure | Haunted One Background Wizards of the Coast has given us the free adventure Death House to play at home last week as a preview of the Curse ...