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How Do We Teach Game-Running?

A friend’s Facebook thread got me thinking about how the sweet science of game-running is taught and refined. Now, as you likely know, I’ve been writing for Tribality for more than four and a half years, and helping GMs hone their craft is ...
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Seven New Magic Items

I hope y’all like it when I post collections of largely unconnected magic items, because that’s what I’m doing today. These were originally posted in Harbinger of Doom, and appear here in an updated form.
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The Give Ground Reaction

Way back in February of 2013, during the heady days of D&D Next, I created the Give Ground rule, a reaction that is available to all creatures, and posted it in Harbinger of Doom. That was back before any of ...
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Five Kinds of Plot

Many years ago, I wrote an article for Harbinger of Doom on five kinds of plot found in tabletop, live-action, and video games. Because it was for my personal blog, it heavily emphasized LARPs that formed a (reasonably) common language ...
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5 Tips for Time Travel Stories

Quite a while back, a friend suggested that he’d like to see a post on how to run good time-travel stories in roleplaying games. I originally posted these in Harbinger of Doom – if not an exhaustive guide, then five ...
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Four Spells for Eldritch Knights

I’ve been thinking about the 4e swordmage class lately, and particularly how it both is and isn’t translated into the 5e Eldritch Knight fighter, Bladesinger wizard, and other weapon-and-arcane-casting classes (Valor bards, Pact of the Blade ‘locks, and Arcane Trickster ...
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Blades of the Abyssal Forge

I’ve had this idea sitting in my list for a couple of months now, and I figure Halloween is as good a time as any to do something with it. A smith captures a bunch of different types of demons ...
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A Ghoulish Repast

The ghoul has long been one of my favorite types of D&D undead. It doesn’t even matter that the original ghul of Arabian folklore is a demon instead. Cannibalism – especially a compulsion to commit same – is a kind of horror ...
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Living Clay People

I play a lot of fantasy 4X games. This shouldn’t surprise you; I wrote an egregiously long series on domain management games! Well, okay, there are wildly more games in the genre than anyone could play, and I don’t have ...
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Eight Questions with Dan Dillon

I mention Dan Dillon reasonably often in my column, but if you haven’t already heard of him, he’s a game designer who has written for a ton of different companies, including Wizards of the Coast in the upcoming Waterdeep: Dungeon of ...