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New Gunslinger Archetype: The Sniper

Week over week, we continue to develop new content for Seas of Vodari and show it off here, both because we like sharing cool stuff with our readers (literally why I started blogging and eventually joined Tribality), and because feedback ...
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Today we talk about flavouring your Greyhawk based games with the Feywild, aka the Faerie realm. The Feywild is that wondrous place that tickles and terrifies the mortal realm with its delights and strange visitors. Part Alice in Wonderland, Part ...
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Mask – A Rogue Archetype (5e)

I wanted to share another experiential subclass concept I’ve been working on that encourages pulp action and swashbuckling gameplay. The following subclass let’s you play a PC who can change into a masked hero, allowing for a Zorro or comic ...
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Greyhawk Cities – Eru Tovar

Greyhawk is the original campaign world for Gary Gygax, with stories focusing on the lands of Flanaess, the heroes and villains that inhabit it. Wolf Nomads have skilled cavalry and ambushers. Politeness is key with Wolf Nomads, who forgive but ...
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Legendary Dragons Review

Are you bored of always using the same old dragons? Are you looking for something else to impress your players? Legendary Dragons by Jetpack7 has got some awesome monsters for you to use, as well as lots of content capable ...
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Cannoneer – Fighter Archetype for 5e

I have been busy with the Vodari Kickstarter and it’s been a while since I had time to post on the Campaign Trail. I wanted to share this experiential subclass concept I’ve been toying with for seafaring campaigns. The following ...
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Acquisitions Incorporated – Review

We now have an opportunity to start our own franchise! The Acquisitions Incorporated book gives us some fairly detailed tools to explore the business side of adventuring. As I am taking some classes for an MBA, I am really digging ...
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The School of the Mistwalker

Today, I have another first draft of a subclass for Seas of Vodari to share with you. This is a tradition of wizards outside the eight Great Traditions – maybe that makes them renegades or apostates in your campaign, or ...
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Review – Saltmarsh Encounters

Saltmarsh Encounters seeks to provide a range of encounters for lower levels D&D 5th edition. It certainly delivers. However, the encounters could easily be used in Pathfinder or Dungeon World with little conversion. Authors – Ashley Warren, James Haeck, James ...
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Cult of Iggwilv- I Want It All – Plot Two

Suggested Locations : Bramblewood (north west) or Gamboge Forest (north east). Activities : Trade with/befriend local Arcane casters. Trade with/befriend local Merchant house notables. (strange planar goods arrived in town) Remove Merchants and Arcane casters when useful. (one missing already) ...