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Blades of the Abyssal Forge

I’ve had this idea sitting in my list for a couple of months now, and I figure Halloween is as good a time as any to do something with it. A smith captures a bunch of different types of demons ...
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Stranger Things’ Demogorgon and Demodogs for your game

Halloween is just around the corner and being you and your friends Stranger Things fans, you wanted to create a one-shot with some of its beasts (or you just want to add them to your game). I’ve got just what ...
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Gunslinger Class – D&D 5e

Arcane Gunslinger Fighter Archetype | Gunslinger Class v1.3 Last week I published the Arcane Gunslinger Fighter Archetype which basically takes the Arcane Archer from XGtE and replaces bows and arrows with flintlock guns. The subclass turned out pretty decent, but ...
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A Ghoulish Repast

The ghoul has long been one of my favorite types of D&D undead. It doesn’t even matter that the original ghul of Arabian folklore is a demon instead. Cannibalism – especially a compulsion to commit same – is a kind of horror ...
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A kidnapping at the Gala – a Heist one-shot

Hello! Here I wanted to present you my first adventure, based on an article I wrote some weeks ago on my other blog before being given a weekly column here in Tribality. I’ve always loved heist moments in gaming, films ...
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Arcane Gunslinger – D&D 5e Fighter Archetype

Arcane Gunslinger Fighter Archetype | Gunslinger Class I’ve have been running official adventures the last while and I haven’t really needed any heavy homebrew. Now that I have started to run my Vodari campaign again, the homebrew ideas are coming ...
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Battle Master Maneuvers for Grappling

A few weeks back, I mentioned in the comments that I wanted to write a collection of maneuvers to support grappling for Battle Master fighters, particularly inspired by my nearly-fanatical devotion to the 4e Brawler fighter. My chief weapons are ...
Deep Magic: Time Magic
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Deep Magic: Time Magic Review

Today I’m digging into Deep Magic: Time Magic for 5e, by Carlos Ovalle, from Kobold Press. Tribality received a free review copy, which to my delight landed in my inbox. As the title signals, this is a PDF of time-magic-related ...
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The Fighter Class, Part Fourteen

As we come to the end (for now, the future is unwritten) of the History of the Fighter, it’s been an interesting run. I’ll get into what I see as the arc of the fighter’s development over the last forty-four ...
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Dragon Heist Available Everywhere and Other Fall 2018 D&D Releases

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is now available everywhere. We release our review of the book back when it was released in local gaming stores. This 224 page tabletop RPG adventure for characters of levels 1 to 5,  provides a treasure hunt ...