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Tyranny of Dragons – Mini Review

Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat were released way back in 2014 as fifth edition launched. It’s hard to believe it has already been five years. Tribality only started in October 2014, so we didn’t even ...
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UA: Fighter, Ranger, and Rogue Breakdown

UA on a two-week cycle, you say? Don’t mind if I do. This time out, we complete a cycle through all of the Player’s Handbook classes with the fighter, ranger, and rogue. Let’s see where this takes us…
Great Dale - Unapproachable East Campaign Guide cover
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The Great Dale: Unapproachable East Campaign Guide Review

The Unapproachable East has always been one of my favorite regions of the Forgotten Realms, dating back to the excellent Spellbound boxed set of 2e and Unapproachable East of 3.x. This PDF, by Joe Raso and a team of contributing ...
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Five Commonly Confused Rules in D&D 5e

In my last article (Five Tips for New Dungeon Masters), my top tip was to “Know the Rules”. The rules are the skeleton of the game. You can flesh out the story all you want, but without a skeleton you’ll ...
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Monthly Encounter #02: Stuck in hell (lvls 5-10)

Thumbnail art by Vladyslava Hladkova Here at Tribality, we’ve decided to provide our readers with Encounters ready to be added to your table. I’ll be creating new ones monthly for you to have a big collection to look through when ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Cleric, Druid, and Wizard Breakdown

Another UA release dropped today, with subclasses for the cleric (Twilight – not a vampire thing), druid (Wildfire – not a NERF gun), and wizard (Onomancy: divination through names). Not only am I into those concepts, the file name of ...
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The Artificer Class, Part Six

Today I’m finishing my exploration of Rich Howard’s Alchemist class, with the Irezumi, Metamorph, Poisoner, Pyromancer, and Re-Animator subclasses. Have I mentioned that Rich created an impressive array of subclasses? The best part, though, is how none of them tread ...
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Avernus’ Monster Trucks battles

There are many great vehicles and activities to do in Avernus. However, with all these Twisted Metal like Infernal War machines, it seems weird to me that there isn’t some combat arena for entertainment purposes. People in hell are used ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Bard and Paladin Breakdown

Another Unearthed Arcana already? Honestly didn’t expect this gift, and it makes me suspect that there’s a big announcement coming for the first half of next year. In this round of subclasses, we currently have coverage for barbarian, bard, monk, ...
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Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus Review

I’ve received a review copy of Descent into Avernus, with the ridiculously gorgeous limited cover. Let’s see if I can complete a review in a single article! Descent is 256 pages – shorter than Dungeon of the Mad Mage, longer ...