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In the Eye of the Beholder: Evil Genies

A genie is a planar being resulting from the infusion of a human soul with elemental energy. The resulting creature has no recollection of the soul, however it will have similar personality traits and the same gender as the soul. ...
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WotC Behind the Screens – Randomness: The Clever DM’s Helper

Mike Mearls just published a new Behind the Screens article on the Wizards of the Coast Website Check out the article here: http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/randomness-clever-dm%E2%80%99s-helper Here’s an excerpt:
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50 Aquatic Enemies for for 6th-10th level Characters

In this series I will be presenting creatures you can use for villains, lieutenants, minions, and wild encounters for 5th edition aquatic games. I will also be presenting encounter seeds for these villains at each tier. This week I bring you ...
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D&D Creature Competition Final Match-Up

“The elemental cults have put forward a number of candidates, vying for the position of Champion Elemental Cultist!” The competition has completed 4 rounds and is in the final Round 5. The final match-up is Spinning Water vs. Ultimate Flesh ...
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5 Ways To Be A Better Roleplayer

Fundamentally, I look at D&D campaigns as stories. Each adventure or event is a chapter and the campaign as a whole is a novel. It should have set-up, background, main characters, side characters, plots, sub-plots, victories, losses, triumph, and heartbreak. ...
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Princes of the Apocalypse – Adventure Supplement

A 55 page printer friendly PDF adventure supplement for Princes of the Apocalypse has been posted by Wizards of the Coast on the official D&D website. The PDF provides all the magic items, monster stats and spells that aren’t already in ...
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Monkey See, Monkey Shift: Edition-Agnostic Options for Shapechanging and Summoning

Wizards are often referred to as the Swiss Army knives of spellcasters, having access to a wide variety of high damage and utility spells useful for any occasion. But do they really? Wizards (or Magic-Users, if you prefer) are still ...
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A Roleplayer’s Guide To Awkward Moments

If you spend enough time roleplaying, either as a player or as a DM, you will eventually encounter a situation that is supremely awkward or makes you feel uncomfortable. It is almost inevitable given enough experience. After all, many roleplaying ...
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Behind the Screens – D&D 5th Edition & D20 Modern

In today’s Behind the Screens article at WotC, Daniel Helmick has put together some more rules for creating a D20 Modern world using existing 5th edition firearm rules, and d20 modern armor in a D&D 5th edition game.  Some of ...
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New Options for Githyanki and Githzerai PCs

My previous article on githanki and githzerai PCs generated a lot of conversation about the history of these races across more than 30 years of D&D, including discussions about the kind of options people would like to see converted to the ...