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Mechasoul – D&D 5e Homebrew Race

I wanted to look at some options you can provide your players to really make your homebrew world feel like a someplace new. If you look at the most interesting campaign settings, they usually have some hook that makes them ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships and the Sea Breakdown

This month’s UA article is an substantial 9-page document covering ships, sailing, crews, and ship-related downtime play. Now, obviously, you’ve already purchased Tribality Publishing’s “Naval Combat (5e): Running Sea Encounters for Ships and Monsters,” but I still encourage you to ...
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Creature Codex Review

Just like the Tome of Beasts, this Creature Codex looks just like what its name says: A huge codex full of creatures. When it appeared on Kickstarter I pledged for it and have now got the physical and PDF versions ...
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Blades of the Abyssal Forge

I’ve had this idea sitting in my list for a couple of months now, and I figure Halloween is as good a time as any to do something with it. A smith captures a bunch of different types of demons ...
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Stranger Things’ Demogorgon and Demodogs for your game

Halloween is just around the corner and being you and your friends Stranger Things fans, you wanted to create a one-shot with some of its beasts (or you just want to add them to your game). I’ve got just what ...
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Gunslinger Class – D&D 5e

Arcane Gunslinger Fighter Archetype | Gunslinger Class v1.3 Last week I published the Arcane Gunslinger Fighter Archetype which basically takes the Arcane Archer from XGtE and replaces bows and arrows with flintlock guns. The subclass turned out pretty decent, but ...
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A kidnapping at the Gala – a Heist one-shot

Hello! Here I wanted to present you my first adventure, based on an article I wrote some weeks ago on my other blog before being given a weekly column here in Tribality. I’ve always loved heist moments in gaming, films ...
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Arcane Gunslinger – D&D 5e Fighter Archetype

Arcane Gunslinger Fighter Archetype | Gunslinger Class I’ve have been running official adventures the last while and I haven’t really needed any heavy homebrew. Now that I have started to run my Vodari campaign again, the homebrew ideas are coming ...
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Halloween Roundup 2018

Halloween is just around the corner. Here’s an update of previous Halloween round-up articles, now with even more Halloween related RPG links including monsters, adventures, music, tips and more.
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Roleplaying Religions Right P2

For the most part, religions and belief systems are things we experience as a mostly passive participant in their development in our daily lives. Many of us are indoctrinated into a religion or belief system from an early age and ...