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The Artificer Class, Part Seven

Now that my review copy of Eberron: Rising from the Last War has arrived, I’m starting my breakdown of it by finishing up the History of the Artificer series. As a reminder, this class went through multiple rounds of public ...
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UA: Class Feature Variants Breakdown, Part Two

Hey, have you already checked out the first article in this series? It’s full of (commentary on) great stuff like new Battle Master Maneuvers and new Fighting Styles and even, technically, a few things not mainly for fighters. No matter ...
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UA: Class Feature Variants Breakdown, Part One

I don’t want to alarm you, but this week’s UA is absolutely huge in both its actual volume (13 pages) and its impact (it touches every class in the Player’s Handbook to one degree or another). The article title suggests ...
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Travel Methods in Your Game

Most games consist of characters walking from place to place. Perhaps they’ll be riding mounts or riding in a wagon. Or even on occasion, they’ll fly to get over gaps, teleport, phase through objects, etc. The problem with these methods ...
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Halloween Roundup 2019

Halloween is just around the corner. Here’s an update of previous Halloween round-up articles, now with even more Halloween related RPG links including monsters, adventures, music, tips and more.
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Monstrous Races: Half-Vampire/Dhampyr & Ghost

Thumbnail art by Gunship Revolution Halloween is just around the corner! If you are anything like me, then that means it’s time for some Horror one-shot game with your friends. Time to create some story or get one in DMs ...
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Creating a Magic System, P2

A roleplaying magic system can be a pretty cut and dry thing: a spell list, damage, area of effect, and so on, but if done correctly, it can do so much more. Properly done, a magic system can be used ...
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Tyranny of Dragons – Mini Review

Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat were released way back in 2014 as fifth edition launched. It’s hard to believe it has already been five years. Tribality only started in October 2014, so we didn’t even ...
Great Dale - Unapproachable East Campaign Guide cover
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The Great Dale: Unapproachable East Campaign Guide Review

The Unapproachable East has always been one of my favorite regions of the Forgotten Realms, dating back to the excellent Spellbound boxed set of 2e and Unapproachable East of 3.x. This PDF, by Joe Raso and a team of contributing ...
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Five Commonly Confused Rules in D&D 5e

In my last article (Five Tips for New Dungeon Masters), my top tip was to “Know the Rules”. The rules are the skeleton of the game. You can flesh out the story all you want, but without a skeleton you’ll ...