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System Agnostic: The City of Salt in Wounds [Part 2]

  New Website for Salt in Wounds! The Order of God Butchers Amidst the city, the god butchers are hard to miss. Hugely muscled men and women, grown strong from a working life of toil and a diet of some ...
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Aquatic Talk with DM’s Block

TL;DR: If you’re reading this column, you’ll want to listen to this pod. This week I sit down with DM Mitch and DM Chris from the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast to talk about everything both roleplyaing and aquatic. If you aren’t familiar with ...
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System Agnostic: The City of Salt in Wounds

New Website for Salt in Wounds! Back in 2004 on the D&Dish forums, Thomas T. suggested the idea of a city built around the D&D monster the Tarrasque – which, for those not in the know- is an unkillable ...
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D&D Elemental Evil Storyline & Product Offerings Unveiled

January is here and the long winter freeze from Wizards of the Coast since the release of the Dungeon Master’s Guide is finally over. Today we get solid product information on Elemental Evil offering for digital, tabletop and more. The ...
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System Agnostic: The Home of the One Hundred Saved (Shelter ...

Yesterday, in my column Survivalist Gaming I discussed the concept of treating dungeons as the fantasy equivalent of fallout shelters (aka shelter dungeons). Today, I want to actually outline a dungeon concept predicated on this concept including its history, monstrous ...
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D&D 5e Christmas/Holiday Adventure – The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night is a holiday themed adventure where players battle an ancient evil to save Krinklefest. This adventure can be used as an outline for any game system, but the specific details are for four 1st-level adventurers using the rules ...
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Christmas Themed Adventures

When I went looking for a Christmas one-shot adventure, I was surprised to see there was not much content of any sort out there. Here is the list of what I was able to find. We have added our own ...
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Dragon Masks – Tyranny of Dragons

I asked Jeremy Crawford last week for the stats for the five dragon masks that are described in Horde of the Dragon Queen, and especially for The Rise of Tiamat, so tonight
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The Gift of the Gnarled One

Alea Publishing Group has recently released a short 5 page free adventure for any edition.  It is called The Gift of the Gnarled One, with a PDF download link. The adventure was written for The Feudal Lords Campaign Setting.
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Tomb of Horrors – Update 1

Here is my update to the Tomb of Horrors game that we have started to play, along with some of the lessons learned from playing it. I had hoped to finish up the game for the Extra-Life campaign on Saturday