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How Do We Teach Game-Running?

A friend’s Facebook thread got me thinking about how the sweet science of game-running is taught and refined. Now, as you likely know, I’ve been writing for Tribality for more than four and a half years, and helping GMs hone their craft is ...
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Overview Located in the south east of the lands of Greyhawk, the Menowood lies between Idee, Sunndi and the Scarlet Brotherhood. The Menowood is a large warm-temperate forest valley. For years the Menowood was a stronghold of Elves and Treants, ...
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Everything NPCs – Motivation

Today I have a guest post from Nicholas Labonté that looks at using NPCs in your game. NPC’s get a bad rap. At best, they’re quest-givers with funny voices. At worst, they’re annoying exposition mouthpieces that don’t even give a ...
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Today we talk about flavouring your Greyhawk based games with the Feywild, aka the Faerie realm. The Feywild is that wondrous place that tickles and terrifies the mortal realm with its delights and strange visitors. Part Alice in Wonderland, Part ...
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Mask – A Rogue Archetype (5e)

I wanted to share another experiential subclass concept I’ve been working on that encourages pulp action and swashbuckling gameplay. The following subclass let’s you play a PC who can change into a masked hero, allowing for a Zorro or comic ...
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Greyhawk Cities – Eru Tovar

Greyhawk is the original campaign world for Gary Gygax, with stories focusing on the lands of Flanaess, the heroes and villains that inhabit it. Wolf Nomads have skilled cavalry and ambushers. Politeness is key with Wolf Nomads, who forgive but ...
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Review – Saltmarsh Encounters

Saltmarsh Encounters seeks to provide a range of encounters for lower levels D&D 5th edition. It certainly delivers. However, the encounters could easily be used in Pathfinder or Dungeon World with little conversion. Authors – Ashley Warren, James Haeck, James ...
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Seven New Magic Items

I hope y’all like it when I post collections of largely unconnected magic items, because that’s what I’m doing today. These were originally posted in Harbinger of Doom, and appear here in an updated form.
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3 Tips for Bold World Building

This week we have a guest post from Nick Labonté which provides tips for world builders. You’ve decided to build your own campaign setting. That takes guts. Maybe you want to know everything there is to know about the setting ...
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Ghosts of Saltmarsh Review

At the request of readers, I’ve picked up a copy of Ghosts of Saltmarsh for today’s review. Okay, we can be real with each other and say that I was going to buy this anyway – I am an absolute ...