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Tomb of Horrors – 5e

My Extra life D&D campaign is tomorrow, and I wanted to do something exciting & different.  But wasn’t sure what to do and was looking for something with a Halloween theme, but needed it to run for a long time….
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Using Feats in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Do you allow feats in your campaigns? When creating a character in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition you have the option of taking Feats instead of taking an ability score increase at level 4, 8, 12, 16, 19. There is also ...
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Selection of Magic Rings – DMG 5e Preview Unlocked!

Table of Contents | Creating a Multiverse | Creating NPC Characters | Villainous Class Options | Traps | Downtime Activities | Magic Item Tables | Deck of Many Things | Magic Items A-Z | Figurine of Wonderous Power | Magic ...
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Reputation Guidelines

I’ve been working on a set of guidelines for a DM to use player and non-player reputation for a D&D 5th edition game.  I’d like an easy way for a DM to decide how a player might know an NPC ...
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Halloween Theme Adventure

So for Halloween we are hosting a D&D 5th edition game.  We will be playing for a just few hours, so this is just a mini-adventure, but has plenty of potential to continue afterwards. If you are planning on hosting a ...
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10 Monsters for a D&D 5th Edition Halloween Monster Mash

Aquatic | Arctic | Cave or Underground | Desert | Forest | Mountain | Swamp Looking to provide your players with some tricks and treats in a fun little one-shot. We flipped through all 352 pages of the Monster Manual, so ...
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D&D 5e Combat – Initiative in Adventurers League

So after playing for a while with people in D&D Adventures League games, I’ve noticed a strange behavior when players roll for initiative and the dexterity check is a tie. When they tie, they will compare each other’s dexterity, or do ...
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Monster Mash

If you have not heard yet, the newest addition to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is hitting subscribers and game stores now. The Monster Codex is a mighty tome, filled with some of the most iconic foes in the game. Each ...
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10 Awesome Monsters for a D&D 5e Mountain Encounter

Aquatic | Arctic | Cave or Underground | Desert | Forest | Grassland | Jungle | Mountain | Swamp Are your adventurers struggling to find a mountain path to the red dragon’s lair? Did your party just escape from a ...

Aarakocra – 5e Playable Race

I thought I would share a playable race build for an Aarakocra created by Rich Howard. This image is by Christopher Burdett and is the official one from the Monster Manual (his art appears on many pages of the Monster ...