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RPG’s – What’s new out there?

There is a world full of interesting roleplaying games out there, and the more we play, the wider range of ideas we bring to the table when we play or run games. Today we look at two new Roleplaying games ...
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Die Laughing! A Horror-Comedy Story Game (and Interview)

Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games, the creator of Murders & Acquisitions and CAPERS RPG, is with us again today to talk about his newest game, Die Laughing. It’s a horror-comedy game with a film-making conceit, and it went live on Kickstarter on October 30th. Check ...
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Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy Game (and Interview)

M. S. Farzan is the creator of Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplaying Game, currently funded and knocking out stretch goals on Kickstarter. In this interview, he introduces us to the world, the people, and the rules of Entromancy.

Satine Phoenix (D&D Community Manager) Interview

Satine Phoenix has been very busy in 2018, but she was able to take some time and answer my questions. Here’s the interview. Before we talk about gaming and your current projects, can you both tell us a little bit ...
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Eight Questions with Dan Dillon

I mention Dan Dillon reasonably often in my column, but if you haven’t already heard of him, he’s a game designer who has written for a ton of different companies, including Wizards of the Coast in the upcoming Waterdeep: Dungeon of ...
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Interview with Phil from Encoded Designs

What does Encoded Designs do in the RPG world? Phil – Encoded Designs is a tabletop game company that primarily makes RPGs but is designing a few board games as well. We have an eclectic mix of interests, and we ...
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Interview with Richard from Descent Into Midnight

Today’s interview is with Richard Kreutz-Landry. Who are you in the RPG world? Richard – At the moment, I’m one of the few origami enthusiasts I know of doing game design. I have a few microgames I’ve tired around with ...
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Interview with James Introcaso from DSPN

What does Don’t Split the Podcast Network do in the RPG world? James – DSPN is a network of actual play podcasts (like Venture Maidens, Dames and Dragons, and DSPN Presents) and RPG interview and advice podcasts (like Table Top ...
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Interview with Mike Selinker of Lone Shark Games

Today we have an interview from the prestigious Mike Selinker of Lone Shark Games. Here is a short bio about Mike from the Lone Shark Games website: Mike Selinker is the president and chief creative officer of Lone Shark Games. ...
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Designer Interview: Craig Campbell

Through a mutual acquaintance, I recently met fellow Atlanta-area game designer Craig Campbell, creator of the Murders & Acquisitions tabletop game, part of NerdBurger Games, and co-host of the NerdBurger Show podcast. M&A successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter last year, delivered in December, ...