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A Guide to Roleplaying Half-Orcs

Last week I covered how to roleplay elves, check it out here. Half-orcs are perhaps my favorite race when it comes to roleplaying possibilities. Along with Half-elves, they straddle the line between human and other.  Half-orcs are essentially the ultimate ...
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A Guide to Roleplaying Elves

Elves not your cup of tea? Check out this guide on roleplaying half-orcs. Elves are among the most popular races, second only to the ubiquitous humans. Their popularity no doubt stems from the fact that they are human enough to ...
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Halloween Roundup 2019

Halloween is just around the corner. Here’s an update of previous Halloween round-up articles, now with even more Halloween related RPG links including monsters, adventures, music, tips and more.
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Monstrous Races: Half-Vampire/Dhampyr & Ghost

Thumbnail art by Gunship Revolution Halloween is just around the corner! If you are anything like me, then that means it’s time for some Horror one-shot game with your friends. Time to create some story or get one in DMs ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian and Monk Breakdown

A new UA article! On a Thursday? Don’t these monsters know that this does strange things to my writing schedule for the week? They don’t? Weird. Anyway. Two new subclasses, one for barbarians and one for monks.
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D&D Pre-Game Checklist for Beginners

This week we have a guest post from Ted Cory from To anyone looking to start playing, or hoping to get back into the game, feel relief knowing this is the perfect time to get into Dungeons and Dragons. ...
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New Druid Subclass: Circle of the Deeps

We’re working steadily on Seas of Vodari, and today I’m showing the first draft of this work. Nothing shown here is at all guaranteed to be in the final version – I just thought that you, ever-faithful readers, would enjoy ...
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Tribality Publishing – Ki Unleashed

The Myriad Pathways of Ki We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the fourteenth product we have released: Ki Unleashed, written by Brandes Stoddard. Ki is so much more than a monk’s personal reservoir of power. Its nature ...
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Morgrave Miscellany Breakdown, Part Two

Last week, I started in on a breakdown and review of Morgrave Miscellany by Keith Baker and Ruty Rutenberg, covering the first handful of subclasses. Today I’m picking up where I left off, at the beginning of the Monk section.
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Morgrave Miscellany Breakdown, Part One

Last year I worked my way through the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, which brought Eberron into 5e. Keith Baker, Ruty Rutenberg, and a team of other contributors now offer a collection of subclasses and… you know what, even summarizing the ...