The Gunslinger: A Complete Player Class & Firearms Sourcebook (5e)


Gunslingers are highly trained firearms experts who are a cut above nearly anyone who picks up a pistol or musket. Drawing on their bravado, gunslingers can accomplish deeds with firearms that would be difficult or impossible for others.

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This 37 page PDF provides the Gunslinger class and 6 subclasses.

  • Arcane Gunmasters weave magic into their shots using a rare form of sorcery.
  • Musketeers work to become as skilled with the blade as with firearms.
  • Pistoleros focus on combining blinding speed, deadly aim, and panache to frustrate and punish their opponents.
  • Snipers are long-range specialists whose shots unleash extra damage.
  • Soulbinders manipulate the souls of those who die near them to accomplish their deeds.
  • Speargunners use spearguns in inventive ways to make unexpected and unorthodox shots.

In addition, this PDF also includes the following content for players and gamemasters:

  • New armor, weapons, and adventuring gear for gunslingers, including firearms and spearguns.
  • 12 magic items for gunslingers including firearms, accessories, and ammunition.
  • Advice for gamemasters to introduce firearms into their campaign.
  • Optional rules to handle advanced firearms, crafting, duels, shooting galleries, and gunpowder-based traps.
  • 12 NPC stat blocks to add gunslinging allies and adversaries to your campaign.