Arcadia Issue 16 Breakdown

All art belongs to MCDM With a Neverlandesque map of a beautiful floating island comes the new issue of Arcadia. While this kind of art looks weird next to the others, its uniqueness, as well as how great it looks is welcome in my collection. This issue includes three different ...
D&D 5eMonsters & NPCs

Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part Four

This book is finally going on sale as an individual title rather than as part of the gift set, as well as going up on D&D Beyond, so commentary is all over Twitter now. Today I’m getting into Chapter 2: Bestiary – the whole rest of the book, other than ...
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The RPG Engine – Virtual Tabletop

The creators over at PolyDemons showed me a great digital tabletop that is 3D and allows for DM creation of great scenarios and NPCs. Also players have characters that are fully customizable. They are currently on patch 11 and there is a lot of progress achieved. There is a free ...
Board GamesCrowd Funding

Fliptown board game by Write Stuff Games – Kickstarter

Today we present to you a Kickstarter by Write Stuff Games with 2 days left in their crowdfunding effort. The game is Fliptown, and you should give it a look.
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Cyanide & Happiness – Master Dater Game

Minds Behind Popular Well-Endowed Webcomic Cyanide & Happiness Say “No F**king Thanks” To NFTs/Blockchain, Also Reveal New Card Game  It’s Called Master Dater and Comes in Q4 2022… Don’t Make It Weird DALLAS – April 5, 2022 – Master Dater, the latest comedic social-judging card game from Explosm, the minds ...
DragonlanceUnearthed Arcana

Unearthed Arcana 2022: Heroes of Krynn Revisited Breakdown

It has been a month and a half since the first Heroes of Krynn UA release. Then there was a round of surveys, as usual, and today we get a new attempt. I’m very glad to see that they’re going to UA early enough that revisions are even possible. F. ...
AnnouncementD&D 5e

D&D Direct – April 2022 – Spelljammer Confirmed

The first ever D&D Direct came at us with many wonderful surprises. It is the 2022 Announcement showcase. So much goodness with new campaign settings, video game, board games, D&D movie release date, new D&D starter box, miniatures, online collections of adventures and monsters, and physical accessories. So let me ...

Arcadia Issue 15 Breakdown

All art belongs to MCDM It’s a new month, and while we keep waiting for the Flee Mortals! monster book to come, let’s enjoy some Arcadia content. This one offers a pretty great collection of articles that go a bit towards the creepy side of things. Nevertheless, in this letter ...
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