Under the Seas of Vodari


Under the Seas of Vodari is a 300-page book available in hardcover and PDF that provides 5E/Fifth Edition material for both gamemasters and players to dive into a world full of action and adventure set beneath the waves of Vodari or your own 5th Edition campaign world.

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In the book you’ll find:

  • The history, pantheon of sixteen gods, and details of everyday life for Vodari’s undersea world.
  • A tour beneath the waves of Vodari, from the Sunlit Seas down to the Midnight Depths and everywhere in between. This gazetteer focuses on power groups, allies and adversaries, key locations, and adventure ideas for hundreds of locales in Vodari’s undersea world.
  • 12 racial stats to create undersea chracters with ancestries such as the Ancient, Cecaelia, Dragonborn, Dwarf, Elf, Grindylow, Karokan, Merfolk, Selkie, Siren, Tiburon, and Voda.
  • The gunslinger class with features modified for an undersea world and the new Speargunner subclass.
  • Eighteen new subclasses (with at least one subclass for every class), three new backgrounds, and five feats designed for play in undersea and amphibious campaigns.
  • Equipment for diving under the waves including new armor, weapons, adventuring gear, tools, and trade goods.
  • Details for mounts and vehicles found beneath the waves. Undersea vehicle content includes sample vehicle templates, vehicle upgrades, and example vehicles with crews to encounter under the seas.
  • 32 undersea magic items and 35 undersea-themed spells.
  • A collection of rules and advice for gamemasters to run undersea adventures in Vodari or their own campaign world. GMs can fill the seas with new hazards, traps, diseases, and random tables.
  • 71 stat blocks to full your undersea world with monsters, beasts, and nonplayer characters.
  • The Sunken City of Zuroth, an adventure that introduces the unique aspects of underwater adventuring and a deep secret.

Dive into your first adventure today!

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About Vodari’s Undersea World

In Vodari’s undersea world, you’ll find the iconic elements of a fantasy setting, but the familiar becomes surprising and even alien. Delve undersea dungeons in the form of labyrinth-like caves, shipwrecks, and lost temples. Descend from sunlit seas to midnight depths, finding the coral-spired homes of the vodas, the kelp forest villages of the elves, the sprawling seabed cities of Avalsi, the deepsea trench mines of the dwarves, and merfolk fortresses glowing with bioluminescence. Meet a diverse collection of undersea people: mysterious ancients, tentacled cecaelias and grindylows, crab-like karokans, merfolk, selkies, sirens, shark-like tiburons, shape-changing vodas, and more. Experience interesting encounters that require rethinking combat for an entirely new environment. Battle gargantuan monsters such as colossal squids, deep dreamers, leviathans, sea serpents, and sunken ship mimics. Survive challenging environments and hazards that include crushing pressure, frigid temperatures, strangling seaweed, toxic coral, and underwater sandstorms.

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