Tribality’s Tri-versary

Wow, it’s been three years since we started this website. Time flies! As Colin just wrote earlier today, we’re a “threenager”.

Thanks for joining us in our month-long celebration. We’re going to celebrate Tribality’s third anniversary by focusing on the threes (and some other fun stuff we’ll reveal soon). Colin is the first of our crew who is tackling this theme, with his triple take on Morrígan.

We started Tribality because we love sharing our knowledge and news about tabletop RPGs. Tribality is a multiple author blog and ENnie nominated website that officially started October 1st, 2014. We write a lot about tabletop RPG games from the Game Master perspective with homebrew creations, exciting news, upcoming events, crowdfunding projects and our campaign adventures. The tone of our writings are lighthearted & helpful, and we hope that you really have enjoyed the site.

The site has come a long way since we first started. I’m proud that we have been nominated for back to back ENnies and for all the excellent work our writers have created for the site and our PDFs. When Mike and I first started the site, we knew we’d never be able to do it alone. Early on, we had some amazing authors help us grow the site including Rich Howard, J.M. Perkins and A.A. Amirault, lots of guest authors and a chance to interview many of the movers and shakers in the tabletop RPG community. Our current team of Blake, Brandes, Colin, Jesse, Mike and Shawn (Me) are all working hard to continue providing you with content we hope you find worth coming back for again and again.

I’d most like to thank all of our readers, some who have been here since the start. Without your participation in the comments and support on Patreon, I don’t think I would be writing this article right now.

If you want to help celebrate our first three years or keep going for another three: