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PATHFINDER® for SAVAGE WORLDS Coming to Kickstarter January 2021

Chandler, AZ December 17, 2020 – Pinnacle Entertainment Group, creators of Savage Worlds™ and Deadlands™ tabletop roleplaying games, and Paizo, creators of Pathfinder® roleplaying game announced Pathfinder for Savage Worlds in a surprise revelation Thanksgiving Day. Fans of both games ...
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System Agnostic: The Ring of Vainglory (Magical Item)

The Ring of Vainglory (usually -falsely- referred to as a Ring of Courage) is a intricate, looping band of platinum set with beautiful obsidian inserts. Even without knowledge of its magical nature, the ring is an stunning work of art ...
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A Closer Look at the Cartography of Christopher West

“Chris West loves gaming and expresses that love with an artist’s eye. Luckily for gamers, he shares that eye with the rest of us.” Back in the olden days of roleplaying, maps were crude scribblings on graph paper, dictated to ...
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Aquatic Talk with DM’s Block

TL;DR: If you’re reading this column, you’ll want to listen to this pod. This week I sit down with DM Mitch and DM Chris from the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast to talk about everything both roleplyaing and aquatic. If you aren’t familiar with ...
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The Last Parsec

Okay, I’m late to the party, but at least the party isn’t over yet. With only 2 days left I almost missed this one.
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Savage Worlds

I had put together some rules for running a Wild West setting for D&D 5e one shot and posted it the other day.  I had a lot of comments come back, but one person said I should try out Savage ...