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Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian and Monk Breakdown

A new UA article! On a Thursday? Don’t these monsters know that this does strange things to my writing schedule for the week? They don’t? Weird. Anyway. Two new subclasses, one for barbarians and one for monks.
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Tribality Publishing – Ki Unleashed

The Myriad Pathways of Ki We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the fourteenth product we have released: Ki Unleashed, written by Brandes Stoddard. Ki is so much more than a monk’s personal reservoir of power. Its nature ...
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Gunslinger Archetype: The Musketeer

Shawn recently posted his gunslinger class, and today I’m offering this subclass for it. The Musketeer is explicitly intended to model the heroes of Alexandre Dumas’ romances, with swordplay, guns, and undying loyalty to one another. The Seas of Vodari ...
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Battle Master Maneuvers for Grappling

A few weeks back, I mentioned in the comments that I wanted to write a collection of maneuvers to support grappling for Battle Master fighters, particularly inspired by my nearly-fanatical devotion to the 4e Brawler fighter. My chief weapons are ...
Deep Magic: Time Magic
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Deep Magic: Time Magic Review

Today I’m digging into Deep Magic: Time Magic for 5e, by Carlos Ovalle, from Kobold Press. Tribality received a free review copy, which to my delight landed in my inbox. As the title signals, this is a PDF of time-magic-related ...
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Hair and Howls – Lycanthrope Player Characters

There are many ways you can use Lycanthropes, shape shifters influenced by the moon(s) in your games as Player characters. Here are some questions to run through to help you define Lycanthropes in your games. See Part 1 – Lycanthropes ...
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Tribality Publishing – Three Sorcerous Arts

We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the eleventh product we have released: Three Sorcerous Arts written by Brandes Stoddard. The arcane power that fuels sorcery expresses itself in countless ways: heightening the sorcerer’s charismatic influence, granting ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Divine Domains Breakdown

One of these days, I’ll start managing two-article weeks again, and my columns will return to their normal schedule. This is the week of America’s favorite secular food holiday, and I’ll be mostly or entirely offline Wednesday evening through Saturday ...
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Civil War: 4 More Avengers – Character Builds for D&D ...

Captain America: Civil War has been out since May 6th and has already made over a billion at the box office worldwide. Whenever a superhero movie comes out, I can’t help but think about how I would build the heroes ...
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Tribality Publishing – Mysteries of the Gods

THE GODS DEMAND A SACRIFICE We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the sixth product we’ve released: Mysteries of the Gods written by Brandes Stoddard. In the worlds of fantasy, the gods are mighty, their works are evident to all. ...