Tribality is a multiple author blog and two-time ENnie nominated website that officially started October 1st, 2014. We write a lot about tabletop RPG games from the Game Master perspective with homebrew creations, exciting news, upcoming events, crowdfunding projects and our campaign adventures. The tone of our writings are lighthearted & helpful, and we hope that you really enjoy your visit with us.

We started Tribality because we love sharing our knowledge and news about tabletop RPGs.

Tribality Authors

Shawn Ellsworth

Shawn’s Articles

Shawn (along with Michael) is the co-founder of Tribality.com and runs games in person and online using Roll20. Shawn first got into tabletop RPGs via Dragonlance. He is currently the GM for a D&D 5th edition campaign set in his original Seas of Vodari setting. Recently, Shawn has run campaigns in Golarion, Nentir Vale, Eberron and the Forgotten Realms. He’s also run shorter campaigns and one-shots in the Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule, Adventure Time‘s Ooo, and a steampunk version of 19th century America. Shawn is always reading and trying out new tabletop games such as Star Wars: Force and Destiny, FATE, Bubblegumshoe, Dungeon World, Fantasy Age and more.

Shawn loves running heroic games with NPCs who have horrible and inconsistent accents. A couple of times a year, Shawn gets to be a player and hogs the spotlight, splits the party, murders key NPCs and many other bad habits he has learned from his players.

Michael Long

Mike’s Articles

Role Playing games: I was first introduced to D&D with Tom Moldvay’s Basic box set that my dad bought me. I read through it, but didn’t really catch on. I didn’t have anyone to show me how to play, so the game didn’t get a lot of attention. But one day I was able to sit down and read Keep on the Borderlands, colored in the numbers on the dice, and asked my friends to play. I became the Dungeon Master, and I’ve been running games ever since. Many Many Many years later I met Shawn running some games on Roll20.

How did my time with Tribality get started? It all started July 2014, when I created a D&D 5th edition fan page on Facebook. It was growing fast, and I was sharing a lot of news and my home-brew creations. One day my friend Shawn asked me, What are your plans? You could be sharing this on your own website, and I said “uhhhh…. (seriously I have no clue what I am doing).” He said that he’d like to create a website forum for me to share news, ideas and links. He gave me access to a WordPress site he had setup on a website called Tribality to practice, and was going to create another website just like it called The Fool and Phoenix. I kept chugging away daily at articles on Tribality and within a month we had a thriving site. I am now totally hooked on Google Analytics watching how well an article is received. It has been a great partnership running Tribality with Shawn.

Brandes Stoddard

Brandes’ Articles

Brandes Stoddard enjoys games of many kinds: video, tabletop, board, card, and live-action games. He ran Dust to Dust, a fantasy LARP in Georgia, and works in freelance game design and writing. He blogs about games at https://www.brandesstoddard.com. Follow him on Twitter @BrandesStoddard.

Colin McLaughlin

Colin’s Articles

Colin McLaughlin plays a lot of games: board, card, live-action, tabletop, video, whatever really. He will argue vehemently if you suggest that Ghostbusters isn’t the best movie of all time. He blogs about this stuff at http://standsinfire.wordpress.com. Follow him on Twitter @standsinthefire.

Tomas Gimenez

Tomas’ Articles

Tomas’ interest in D&D grew so deep he decided to share his knowledge. Right now he is studying to become a software engineer and game designs as a hobby. This led him to discover how to mix all the things he loves doing in order to improve his game mastering. Right now, besides D&D, he is trying to discover new TTRPGs to try out. Follow him on Twitter @TGimenezDM

Tribality Past Notable Authors

Rich Howard

Rich’s Articles

Rich Howard’s obsession with gaming started 35 years ago when his older brother finally let him invade his AD&D game. Since his first sleep spell, Rich has wandered the world of roleplaying, board and computer games as fascinated with their potential to teach and inspire as to entertain.

J.M. Perkins

J.M’s Articles

Action horror writer and freelance game designer J.M. Perkins is strict vegan alternative health worker by day, carnivorous hard living husband/father by night. (He knows, he confuses himself too.) He’s got over 20 short stories and a novel in print and you can learn more about him via his website www.jmperkins.com. If you’d like to support his writing, check out his short story collection Love, Werewolves & Algorithms, you can even name your own price at Smashwords!

A.A. Amirault

Al’s Articles

A. A. Amirault has been involved with D&D for 19 years as both a player and a DM. A graduate of Dalhousie University, he holds a double major with honors in History and Theatre. He currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In addition to this page, you can check out the Role Initiative Podcast at http://roleinitiative.podbean.com

Samara Duncan

Samara’s Articles

Samara Duncan is generally either coding or gaming, with an occasional break for eating and sleeping. She believes that anything is better when it is covered in chibi skulls. When not rambling about Mobile Frame Zero here, she can be found rambling about code and life in general on her personal blog, oneangrypenguin.com.

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