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Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep Available in North America

I just received this press release from the Dungeon & Dragons PR team. Also, we received a review copy of the book last week and will hopefully be able to post a review soon. The rivals stuff is pretty interesting.

Can you change fate?

Dungeons & Dragons and Critical Role fans alike can rejoice today, with the all-new, epic campaign, Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep now available in North America!

Inspired by campaigns of the hit liveplay series and building on the success of the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount released in 2020, Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep is the first major adventure module within the world of Exandria and brings a thrilling new campaign for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. The new adventure takes players from levels 3-12, contains seven chapters of gripping adventure, new creatures and magic items, a poster map of Ank’Harel, and introduces new rival NPCs.

A wealth of fantastical content is in store in the book, but we also wanted to provide a slate of resources to round out any articles that you may have in the works related to today’s release:

  • Watch interviews with the designers of the book in this robust playlist of videos including:
  • A discussion with Matt Mercer, Chris Perkins, Makenzie De Armas and James Haeck breaking down what the adventure entails
  • Matt Mercer’s favorite NPC from the book
  • Tips for D&D players (veterans and newbies alike!) embarking on an adventure with this new content
  • Listen to Matt Mercer discuss how he brought the world of Exandria to life in Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep on Dragon Talk!
  • Buy it beginning today for $49.95!