Star Wars

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Learning to be Kuhl: GM’ing “Campaign”

“…Kat Kuhl has to adapt to some of the craziest shenanigans I’ve ever heard, and she does so with grace, skill, and aplomb. Listen to One Shot: Campaign…and learn from a Game Master who knows what she’s doing, and doing it ...
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Interview with Award-Winning Cartographer Christopher West

Christopher West is best known for his work on the d20 Star Wars RPG and miniatures combat line, as well as both Wizards of the Coasts’ Maps of Mystery project, and Monte Cook’s multiple ENnie-winning Numenera RPG (including the 2014 ENnie ...
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A Closer Look at the Cartography of Christopher West

“Chris West loves gaming and expresses that love with an artist’s eye. Luckily for gamers, he shares that eye with the rest of us.” Back in the olden days of roleplaying, maps were crude scribblings on graph paper, dictated to ...
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Star Wars Jedi – D&D 5e Build

So I started making this Star Wars Jedi build with my son. He is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules guru, and I discussed some things I’d light to see, and ideas I had and we worked on this for ...