So I started making this Star Wars Jedi build with my son. He is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules guru, and I discussed some things I’d light to see, and ideas I had and we worked on this for a while. We wanted to make the rules work for us, so there really aren’t any new rules on the build except for lightsabers. So it is a build using the existing rules with some guidelines, and should work within any campaign setting. So we did add a new item, a lightsaber and the feat to build them. If that isn’t cool in your campaign then choose different feats or just increase your ability scores. And so here it is:

Jedi Character Build

First we had to decide on what was a Jedi and use the existing classes to define one, and then at the same time how to handle lightsabers in D&D 5e. So first we broke it down into Jedi ranks and decided on the levels: Jedi Initiate (Youngling) Level 0, Jedi Apprentice (Padawan) (Level 1), Jedi Knight (Level 9) and Jedi Master (Level 14). That gave us the starting point, but a Jedi is more than just a fighter. He has special powers and is able to use the Force. So we decided to take the Monk Class and the Ki ability, and that would help to round it all out. For the Monastic Tradition we went with Way of the Open Hand. For the lightsaber, we could just make it a special sword, or several swords. We chose to make several swords that were attained through enlightenment through the Jedi ranks by Feats at specific levels and usually have to wait afterwards (see below).

But not all Jedi Knights are the same. So once Jedi Knight is attained, then Jedi Guardian, Jedi Consular or Jedi Sentinel path is chosen, which are just options after level 7 for choosing either additional levels in Monk or Fighter classes. For Jedi Guardian the remainder of class levels are chosen in Fighter Class, for Jedi Sentinel a mix of Fighter & Monk Classes are chosen, and for Jedi Consular the rest of the gained levels then Monk is the only one chosen.

Ability Scores

I started with a standard array for the ability Scores, and then decided to move 2 points into Strength. So with a Dexterity and Wisdom focus, with middle scores in Constitution and Charisma, and average scores in Strength & Intelligence.
Str 10, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 12

Level 0 Pick Human Variant and add 1 point to Wisdom & 1 point to Constitution. Add the Light Saber Feat #1 add another point to Dexterity. You have 200 gp to pick your equipment, but you will need 150 GP to build your lightsaber.
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12

Level 7 Add 1 point in Dexterity (Light Saber Feat#2)
Str 10, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14,

Level 11 Add 1 point in Wisdom (Light Saber Feat#3)
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12

Level 15Add 2 points in Dexterity
Str 10, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 12

Level 19 Add 2 points in Wisdom
Str 10, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 12

Jedi Counsular

This build below is for a Jedi Consular starting after you attain Jedi Knight status at by continuing to increase Monk Levels after Level 7, all the way to Level 20

At Level 1 choose either Dueling, or Two Weapon Fighting style. You have attained the rank of Jedi Apprentice
At Level 5, choose fighter archetype Battlemaster and your maneuvers
At Level 6 Choose Way of the Open Hand monastic tradition, you learn Open Hand Technique feature (Flurry of blows causes targets to be knocked down, pushed 15 feet & can’t take reactions)
At Level 7 pick Jedi Knight Light Saber Feat
At Level 9 Learn Wholeness of Body and gain the ability to heal yourself (gain healing 3x monk level of hitpoints)
Level 11 pick Jedi Master Light Saber Feat
At Level 14 you learn monastic tradition feature Tranquility and have attained the rank of Jedi Knight. Next level you will start following a Jedi Knight Path (Jedi Consular is this build)
At Level 20 you learn monastic tradition feature Quivering Palm.

Level Progression

Jedi Order Rank Level Class Features Martial
Jedi Initiate 0 acolyte background, light saber feat
Jedi Apprentice 1 Fighter1 fighting style, second wind
2 Fighter1
unarmored defense, martial arts 1d4
3 Fighter1
ki, unarmored movement 1d4 2 + 10 ft
4 Fighter2
action surge 1d4 2 + 10 ft
5 Fighter3
martial archetype 1d4 2 + 10 ft
6 Fighter3
monastic tradition, deflect missiles 1d4 3 + 10 ft
7 Fighter3
light saber feat, slow fall 1d4 4 + 10 ft
8 Fighter3
extra attack, stunning strike 1d6 5 + 10 ft
Jedi Knight 9 Fighter3
ki-empowered strikes, WOH: open hand technique 1d6 6 + 15 ft
10 Fighter3
evasion, stillness of mind 1d6 7 + 15 ft
11 Fighter3
light saber feat 1d6 8 + 15 ft
12 Fighter3
unarmored movement improvement 1d6 9 + 15 ft
13 Fighter3
purity of body 1d6 10 + 20 ft
Jedi Master 14 Fighter3
WOH: tranquility 1d8 11 + 20 ft
15 Fighter3
ability score improvement 1d8 12 + 20 ft
16 Fighter3
tongue of the sun and moon 1d8 13 + 20 ft
17 Fighter3
diamond soul 1d8 14 +25 ft
18 Fighter3
timeless body 1d8 15 +25 ft
19 Fighter3
ability score improvement 1d8 16 +25 ft
20 Fighter3
WOH: quivering palm. 1d10 17 +25 ft

Lightsaber Feat (Padawan)

Increase Dexterity 1 point. You can gain this feat at any level, but you will need training & instruction from a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. Lightsabers are built with rare crystals and Jedi magic/science. And take time to craft.
They will make you wait until Level 1 (Jedi Apprentice). At level 1 gain the final knowledge and ability to build Jedi Apprentice lightsaber.

Padawan lightsaber. 1d6 force & fire damage – light, finesse, thrown, versatile (1d8), monk weapon – 150 gold in materials – 1 month to build

Lightsaber Feat (Jedi Knight)

Increase Dexterity 1 point. You can gain this feat at any level, but must find a Jedi Knight or Jedi Master to help you build the lightsaber. They will make you wait until Level 9(Jedi Knight). At level 9 gain the ability to build Jedi Knight lightsaber. Treat the lightsaber as a magical item for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to non-magical attacks and damage.

Jedi Master Light Saber. 2d8 force & fire damage – light, finesse, thrown, versatile (2d10), monk weapon – 1000 gold in materials – 1 month to build

Lightsaber Feat (Jedi Master)

Increase Dexterity 1 point. You can gain this feat at any level, but a Jedi Master to help you build the lightsaber. The Jedi Master will make you wait until Level 14(Jedi Master) to finalize the instruction. At Level 14 gain the ability to build Jedi Master lightsaber.

Jedi Master Light Saber. 3d10 force & fire damage – light, finesse, thrown, versatile (3d12), monk weapon – 5000 gold in materials – 1 month to build


Thank you for reading all of this. Please if you have any comments, or changes or catch an error let me know.

Have Fun! 🙂




  • Michael Long

    I’ve received a lot of great comments on this, and plan to make a revision with all the new thoughts. Thanks everyone.

  • Michael Long

    The lightsaber isn’t RAW, So, if you take away the feats for lightsaber, and just replaced them with standard feats/ability score increases, then just use standard weapons and flavor them as a lightsaber. Even make the sounds for your DM’s listening pleasure:
    VUUUMMMMM WRAVAAAAAMMM *#ZZZkkktttttt!!!!***

    • Random Guy

      Lol the sounds are awesome

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  • Ahmad Abdul-ghaffar

    umm you will also have to account for the force powers using the psionic class

    • Simon Sanguinius

      Could instead take Eldritch Knight at 3rd level & take Mage Hand (and Greenflame Blade) to cover minor force powers

    • Ahmad Abdul-ghaffar

      umm you want to include things like telekinesis and force choke and account for the limitations imposed on the character depending on his strength in the force

  • Random Guy

    The Sun Blade magic item is basically a lightsaber. I’d just put the PC on a quest to find one. But I’ve been thinking about a jedi build for a long time.
    Also, in Out of the Abyss, you get a Sun Blade around 5th level or so. All you have to do is convince the party to let you have it for your build.

    • I did see that this summer, and one of our players got the sword in game.
      This is one of the first articles that I wrote last year, andthis was before the DMG came out.
      The build still works, but I think a Jedi class with psionics that are dark or light would be cool too.

    • Random Guy

      I always thought that any jedi build would have a little bit of sorcerer in it. Spells like thunderwave (force push), unseen servant (using the force to manipulate objects), and possibly even spider climb could be re-skinned. And others like witch bolt (force lightning) and suggestion (jedi mind trick) are already perfect fits. That would be a 4-level dip into sorcerer to get those spells. You’d also get 5 cantrips…blade ward, friends, mage hand, prestidigitation, true strike? Although actually maybe the new green-flame blade and a re-skinned lightning lash would work…

      The trouble is, there’s really no good bloodline. I mean, I guess wild magic would do; you get Tides of Chaos because you can sense a disturbance in the force and predict something going wrong.

  • Shawn E.
  • Mr.Shvonk
  • Timothy McKinney

    LOVE! My friends and I have made a version of the Jedi for DnD as well. In past incarnations, it has been based on psionics. But for the 5e model, we have used the Paladin class for our base instead of the monk. We called the class the K’en-unai (kee noo ny), Warriors of the Flowing Way and their “lightsaber” is called a k’en (keen). I’d love to post it here, but can’t figure how to.

    • Shawn E.

      If you are trying to post a PDF or word doc, you’ll need to put it up on google docs or dropbox first. You can email it me and I’ll post it for you too.

    • Timothy McKinney

      Aha! Thank you!

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  • Jackson Gorny

    Which type of Jedi sentinel is this using the dual wielder from Swtor or the skill Jedi from Kotor