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Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part Four

This book is finally going on sale as an individual title rather than as part of the gift set, as well as going up on D&D Beyond, so commentary is all over Twitter now. Today I’m getting into Chapter 2: ...
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Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part Three

It’s been several weeks, but I’m finally coming back to this series—which isn’t to say that we’re finishing today. No, we’re finishing just the player races today, from sea elves to yuan-ti.
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10 Cozy D&D Adventures To Play This Weekend

Art By Bob Greyvenstein Do you ever have a week where you want to play D&D but you just don’t have the bones to prepare that epic battle with the dracolich? Take a break from the party’s usual adventuring with ...
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Christmas Themed Adventures

A few years ago, I went looking for a Yule/Holiday/Christmas one-shot adventures for D&D 5th edition. I wasn’t surprised to see there wasn’t a ton of content out there, but each year more and more is getting created. Also, there ...
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Underwater Spellcasting for 5e

This week on the Campaign Trail, I thought I’d look at casting spells underwater. The core rules don’t worry about casting spells underwater too much and the main debate on this topic usually focuses on if can you cast a ...
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Aquatic Traps

You see “aquatic” in one of my article titles, you know I’m working on stuff for Under the Seas of Vodari. Today, I’m thinking about how water, buoyancy, cold, darkness, and pressure might influence the construction of traps in dungeons. ...
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Halloween Roundup 2021

Halloween is this weekend. It’s time for my big list of Halloween adventures, monsters, music, and more. It’s not too late to come up with a one-shot or to find some spooky ideas for your session this weekend. RAVENLOFT Run ...
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UA 2021: Travelers of the Multiverse Breakdown

Hey, ICYMI, the miniature giant space hamster special cover they teased in the Future of D&D panel? It’s Spelljimmy. Spelljamster Confirmed. Also, here’s some Hamsjammer races for public playtesting! Six, to be specific. Someone pour some spell slots into this ...
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The Devil of the Deep Blue Sea

One of the exciting things about writing an aquatic setting is that there are whole creature types that don’t have a single aquatic or swimming creature in the Monster Manual, VGTM, or MTOF. Fiends, for instance. There have been aquatic ...
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Karokans – a Crabfolk Race for D&D 5e

This week on the Campaign Trail, I thought I would share a new undersea racial option I am working on for the Under the Seas of Vodari. Some of our backers mentioned they wanted to see some kind of crustacean ...