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NAVAL COMBAT for D&D 5e Preview

Hey everyone! I know we’ve been quiet for a while, but we have some PDFs in the pipeline. The next one up will be the ‘NAVAL COMBAT (5e) – Running Sea Encounters for Ships & Monsters‘. It’s clocking in at 27 pages long, before our designer adds in images, so there’s lots of stuff for all you scallywags. The writing is complete and currently being formatted, so hoping we can have it out later this month.

We’ll send out copies to all of our patrons when this is published on DriveThruPRG.com. We’ll also be sending everyone a copy of PIRATE ADVENTURERS (5E) too, in case you missed it.

Here are some details about this PDF:

Batten Down the Hatches!

Are you looking to run exciting, fast paced naval encounters where all your players have something to do each turn? Do you want to run cinematic sea battles between ships and terrify your players with sea monster attacks?

I wrote this guide after running a weekly seafaring campaign for fifth edition for over a year. NAVAL ENCOUNTERS provides GMs with rules, ideas and examples for running combat and other scenarios at sea for your fifth edition game. Whether you are looking for rules to run an encounter between ships, naval combat roles to give to each of your players, or ideas on how to handle a sea monster attack, this guide is the answer.

Product Information

This guide provides GMs with rules and ideas to run exciting, fast paced naval combat encounters. In this guide you will find:

  • Rules for running lightweight naval encounters
  • Example combat encounters
  • Shipboard roles for your Captain, Master Gunner, Ship’s Surgeon and other officers
  • Stats for guns, cannons and ships

These materials were designed to be used with 5th edition rules.