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DMG 5e Preview – Fire arms, Explosives, and Alien Technology, Table of Contents Unlocked!

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Preview of the Fire Arms, Explosives, and Alien Technology page from the upcoming Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Table of Contents

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Upcoming Previews of the Dungeon Master’s Guide

Wizards of the Coast will be unlocking early previews of the Dungeon Master’s Guide based on the team’s total donations. :

  • $25,000—Deck of Many Things UNLOCKED
  • $30,000—Figurines of Wondrous Power UNLOCKED
  • $35,000—A selection of magic rings UNLOCKED
  • $40,000—Eye of Vecna, Hand of Vecna and the Orb of Dragonkind UNLOCKED
  • $45,000—Fire arms, explosives, and alien technology UNLOCKED
  • $50,000—Table of Contents UNLOCKED