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Leyline Press Announces Salvage Union Launch Date for 1st December 2023

London, November 28/11/2023

Leyline Press is excited to announce that Salvage Union is launching on the 1st of December 2023. It will be available via their online store www.leyline.press

Salvage Union is a post-apocalyptic Mech tabletop roleplaying game with accessible mechanics. It raised £110,000 in its initial Kickstarter and now that is fulfilled is heading to retail. Set in a corporate dystopia, players take on the role of Salvagers pilots who scour the wasteland for salvage in scrap built Mechs. They use their haul to support their community and build and upgrade new Mechs to help them survive. Utilising a simple core d20 mechanic powered by the Quest RPG, Salvage Union is designed to be easy to learn for new players with a focus on exploration, narrative and Mech customisation.

Salvage Union has a talented team onboard including artists and designers on board including Hamish Frater(Art Director at Hutch, Environment Artist at Sony), Francesco Silva (Junklords), Alex Connolly, Mykell Pledger, Peter Lee and ENNIE nominated designer Chris Bissette (The Wretched, Loot the Room)

Salvage Union is launching with three full adventure modules. We Were Here First! By ENNIE award winner Diogo Noguiera (Hall of the Blood King, Primal Quest ), Rainmaker by ENNIE award winner Luke Gearing (A Pound of Flesh, Fever Swamp), and False Flag by Panayiotis Lines and Aled Lawlor of Leyline Press.

Salvage Union has been nominated for ‘Best Art’ at the Dicebreaker Tabletop Awards and received favourable reviews from publications such as Tabletop Gaming Magazine. 

On the launch day of 01/12/2023 at www.leyline.press the following will be available to purchase:

  • Salvage Union Special Edition
  • Salvage Union Core Book
  • Rainmaker Adventure Module by Luke Gearing
  • False Flag Adventure Module by Panayiotis Lines and Aled Lawlor
  • We Were Here First! Adventure
  • Salvage Union d20 dice set

There will further be bundle discounts, Digital editions and more!

About Leyline Press

Leyline Press is a UK based publishing company that specialises in the production of high quality tabletop roleplaying games. Founded in 2021 by Panayiotis Lines and Aled Lawlor,  our mission is to create exceptional games that deliver unique experiences to the players. We are further committed to increasing the growth and diversity of the tabletop games industry by supporting other innovative creators by offering our publishing and distribution services to them.