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Surviving Strangehollow – New 5e Setting

Surviving Strangehollow - shows a standard and limited-edition cover, as well as a two-page spread and a mage facing off against a monster

Today I’m excited to tell you about a new third-party setting for 5e, which will be crowdfunded by an upcoming Kickstarter!

Accidental Cyclops Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “Surviving Strangehollow,” a captivating supplement for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. This thrilling new chapter will debut on Kickstarter in March 2024, inviting players to embark on an unforgettable journey into the wondrous and perilous land of Strangehollow.

Key Features:

  • A Legendary Creative Team: “Surviving Strangehollow” brings together an all-star cast of authors including Friends of the Blog James Haeck (Critical Role and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist) and Dan Dillon (Wizards of the Coast), Ed Greenwood (Forgotten Realms), Shawn Merwin (WotC and Ghostfire Gaming), Elisa Teague (Crooked Moon), and many more.
  • Gorgeous Hand-Painted Artwork: “Surviving Strangehollow” was imagined and created by the artist Emily Hare, and all of the creatures, landscapes, and characters are original watercolors made by the artist.
  • New Character Options: Unleash the potential of your characters with exciting new subclasses, a new playable species, clever feats, unique spells, and numerous backgrounds for use in Strangehollow or any other campaign setting.
  • Marvelous Creatures: Encounter a host of fun and formidable creatures that will test the skills of players and characters of any level. The creatures leap off the page with detailed ecologies and fun new abilities. Each creature is an adventure unto itself!
  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: “Surviving Strangehollow” introduces a few new game mechanics that add interesting twists to encounters, improve non-combat dangers, and invite players to use skills in new and interesting ways.

A white-skinned, white-haired, black-eyed water spirit in a woodland pool

Kickstarter Campaign Details:

The Kickstarter campaign for “Surviving Strangehollow” is set to launch in March 2024. Supporters can expect a 350+ page supplement in hardback, digital, or limited edition cover. Backers will also have the opportunity to get custom dice, art prints from Emily Hare’s work, and many other goodies to augment their Strangehollow adventures. There is a pre-campaign page for VIP pre-registration available at https://get.accidentalcyclops.com/

About Accidental Cyclops Games:

Accidental Cyclops Games is a game production and publishing studio in Indianapolis, IN. They are best known for writing and publishing The Real Thing RPG in conjunction with the band Faith No More in 2022, along with its forthcoming sequels.

For inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:

Jason Ward


A dragon on a branch over a river, eating tiny fairies

About “Surviving Strangehollow”:

Surviving Strangehollow is a 5E+ supplement and campaign setting designed equally for players and DMs. The content of the book is a blend of exciting new fiction from acclaimed authors and loads of new options for players and DMs to add to any campaign. The design team consists of A-list talent including some of the creators of Forgotten Realms (Wizards of the Coast) and Exandria (Critical Role), the producer of Crooked Moon, and writers from Shadowrun, Transformers, Pathfinder, and many other products.

The land of Strangehollow was imagined and created by Emily Hare, a UK-based watercolorist. Her 60+ creatures are the core of the DM-facing content, and each is hand-painted in rich detail. Most of the creatures are designed to be adventures unto themselves, complete with detailed encounter options, ecological descriptions, and fiction to bring them to life. DMs will also find new mechanics for non-combat dangers, expiration options, and augmented ways to use some skills in their campaigns.

Players will find dozens of new character options, including an entirely new character class, a new playable race, 10+ subclasses, several feats, and some interesting backgrounds. Spells and magical/rare items will be sprinkled throughout the content as well, giving gamers many fun new ways to amplify their gaming experiences.